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Tekken 6 Review

Games with a pedigree such as the Tekken series have a measure of guaranteed success even before any new titles are released. Tekken 6 will certainly be no exception to the rule, but the question is whether this is a game deserving of its eventual success rather than one simply leeching off the triumph of its predecessors.

Fortunately you won’t have to play Tekken 6 for long to realise that it is a game sure to appeal to any fans of the genre, as well as those that have never ventured into the world of fighting games before. Controls are similar to those of the previous titles, simple enough for beginners to grasp but with enough complexity for some intricate fighting strategies.

There are two different gameplay modes available to you as you prepare to test your muscles against the 41 different available characters, Arcade and Scenario. The Scenario mode will begin with a stunning cinematic introduction, zooming you through events leading to the point in time where you now stand. Essentially this is designed to give you an understanding of what has happened within the previous five games for those that haven’t played them. While this mode in previous Tekken titles has seemed something of an afterthought and not designed to hold your attention for long, in the newest addition you are likely to find yourself lost for hours.

All stories must come to an end however and it is in the arcade’s offline and online multiplayer areas where Tekken 6 really shines. Grab hold of your controller and take to the battlefield against the computer, a visiting friend or even an acquaintance from around the globe in a head-to-head battle. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your skill and with stunning graphics, fluid animations and several different modes to enjoy it will happily take over your life for hours at a time.

In the online world of Tekken 6 there is enough functionality to hold your interest for plenty of time. It’s easy to browse around the current leaderboards and both ranked and unranked matches can be found in abundance with little to no lag, though there may be some issues for slower internet connections. If you’re struggling to take on the top ranked players you can even download ghost data that will cause the AI to act according to these ‘real’ personalities. Replays of matches are also on offer for download if you want to study one particular player’s moves in more detail.

Plenty of character customisation adds another facet of interest to this title. Through each and every victory you’ll start to rack up some funds that you can use for different hairstyles and costumes. Fancy showing the world your creations You’ll be able to take your uniquely designed characters with you into your online play

Tekken 6 stands as an excellent fighting game in its own right with plenty of interest to keep gamers hooked for hours. While long loading screens and a typically confusing scenario plotline could reduce your enjoyment, they are unlikely to take away from the many positives that this fighting game brings to the arena. This makes it a must have for fans of the genre and something that will still be enjoyed by all.

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