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Games We Would Love To See Make The Jump To Xbox



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Are console and PC exclusives ruining the fun for gamers? There’s certainly evidence to support this claim. It seems every year another game is announced that is only running on a certain console or is just for PC. Then there are often lengthy wait times for time console exclusives. It can get incredibly frustrating. Especially when some of your favourite franchises aren’t available on the best console. The Xbox One. With that in mind here are some fantastic franchises we’d love to see make the jump to Xbox.


No game has been bigger for Sony than Uncharted. It’s massive and is been known to be something of a console seller. Many people will be buying PS4s in May purely with the intent of paying the first next gen uncharted game. It could very well be the last. So what are the chances of Xbox gamers snatching up this title. Unfortunately, virtually zero. Sony are well aware of the power Uncharted holds over gamers and they know when they’ve got a winner. Xbox gamers will have to instead settle for the timed exclusive of Tomb Raider. It’s arguably the original uncharted in any case.


Is there a new game on the horizon in the Infamous franchise. We would be surprised if one wasn’t announced at this year’s E3 in June. if you’re not sure what Infamous is it’s a superhero adventure sandbox game. Think GTA with powers and a game that allows you to shape your own destiny. The third game was a PS4 launch title and was loved by critics and gamers alike. Unfortunately it’s another pesky console exclusive we’re sure xbox gamers would love to try. Chances of that happening aren’t quite as slim as Uncharted. Sony doesn’t seem to be that attached to this one and game developers have been known to switch consoles all the time.

World Of Warcraft

With the new movie releasing in June, we’re sure gamers all over the world are going to be itching to play WOW. Unfortunately if you have a console and not a PC you’re out of luck. There’s no way to play WOW on xbox, at least not legally. But is there any chance that WOW could show up on consoles at some point? After all similar MMPG have been available on consoles for some time. The developer has also released a number of games on consoles like Diablo 3. So what’s holding them back announcing a WOW console title? Well there is no real reason WOW couldn’t work on the Xbox One so watch this space. We may be closer to an announcement than you think. For now, though, it’s possible get World of Warcraft Gold online at SeaGamerMall.

Kingdom Hearts

Finally, the weird yet inarguably wonderful Kingdom Hearts franchise used to be a title exclusive to PS4. And Nintendo devices…and mobile phones. But Xbox gamers have been kept out of the fun, until now. Kingdom Hearts 3 has been announced for Xbox and PS4. But there is evidence to suggest things might not be quite as clear cut as they seem. Kingdom hearts is a heavily serialised franchise. It would be difficult to understand one without playing some of the others. So far no previous title has been released on the new Xbox. While they have been rereleased on the PS3 with more planned for the PS4. It may be that the new Kingdom Hearts will be yet another timed exclusive, while Xbox gamers are given a chance to catch up.


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