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Welcome to Aiden Pearce’s world of revenge, baffling plots, tactical espionage, and hacking thrills in Watch Dogs. It’s a story about a thief/ hacker who searches for the men that ordered a hit on him but killed a family member in the process. Your objectives, as Aiden Pearce, all revolve around getting into the system, both literally and metaphorically speaking, from sneaking past the guards to manipulating electronic devices around you, such as smartphones, traffic lights, and enemy weapons that you can use for your gain. You live in a world where everyone’s secrets and private files are at your fingertips to use and bargain with. The entire city of Chicago becomes both your weapon and your ordeal.

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The storyline takes place in a near-future day Chicago with enemies lurking around every corner just waiting to take out the main character. You’ll find it impossible to walk down the street without being attacked by someone or something. Most of the action revolves around good, old-fashioned shooting with tight combat ranging between psychotic enemies and sneaky underbosses. For those of you seeking fancy fighting tricks as you rampage through crowds of bad guys, you’ll be disappointed. Side missions are also added into the gameplay, so players don’t feel as if all they do is hack around computers and put the puzzle pieces together. It’s probably one of the few games where surveillance cameras, stop lights and closed-down roads are allies rather  than disadvantages that usually hold you back.

The Xbox One version of Watch Dogs tries to combine both single and multi player modes. Whichever mode you choose to play on, your surroundings are filled with a variety of things to battle against. though many players were a bit of wary of this addition to the game at first, the developers handled it pretty nicely by adding the option of hacking and stealing the data of other player’s characters. When you take on a mission to do that, they take on the mission to do the same to you or take you down before you track down their character and eliminate them.

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In terms of graphics and sound, the quality is superb. The city of Chicago and the other settings around it look stunning, with a realistic and grounded appeal that draws gamers into the environment. Everything from the skyline to the dirt on the ground and the streets you drive through mimic the real Chicago atmosphere. Audio quality is great, as well, especially in terms of voice acting. The actors used in this game gave the characters a more well-rounded and down-to-earth quality that makes Aiden Pearce and his colleagues seem real. Players can really get into character, in this way, and feel as if they are who they play. A combination of all those elements along with the storyline ofsniffing out those responsible  for the violent death of a family member and dodging bullets as you play detective even though you’re actually on the wrong side of the law, makes this game one of the best yet to come to the Xbox One platform.

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