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Toy Story 3 Review

You could be forgiven for not holding out high hopes for the game of the movie Toy Story 3. It’s no secret that most movie tie-in games have been obviously rushed to completion and feature no plot, other than that which you watched in the movie. Toy Story 3 though, makes great use of its movie license by offering both a story driven game and a unique open world experience called Toy Box mode. The wealth of activities and puzzles to solve within this title may be more suited to a younger generation, but even adults are likely to enjoy what this game has to offer.

Although the story mode certainly offers many hours of fun, it is in the Toy Box mode where Toy Story 3 really shines. Choose to play as Woody, Buzz or Jessie and take on the role of Sheriff in your very own toy town. Expect to see familiar faces as you move through the quests within this game mode, but in an environment completely different to that of the movie. Instead of following a plot based around the familiar cinematic storyline, you will be thrust into an open world, in which the emphasis is on understanding how the different toys perceive the world in which they live when being played with.

Don’t expect to face too much of a challenge within Toy Box, but at the same time don’t be surprised if you start to get addicted to the many different puzzles and ways to interact with the world around you. As soon as one quest reaches completion, a plethora of new activities will be opened, drawing you more deeply into the game. However, if quests aren’t your cup of tea you are sure to find many different activities to hold your interest, such as decorating your town, racing, and heading to a trick course with your favourite toy car. The aim of the game seems to have been to create something for everyone, and this is certainly an aspect of gameplay that developer Avalanche Software has succeeded in.

The story mode itself also doesn’t follow the plot of the movie in the typical fashion, instead concentrating on a few key set pieces to be found on the big screen. The platform-style gameplay features much more than your typical jumping and running experience common to the genre, as different characters feature different abilities sure to liven things up. Although some levels suffer from some small bugs that could cause irritation, such as unhelpful camera angles and occasionally unresponsive controls, on the whole the levels are varied and great fun.

Completing the game just once may not be enough for you, as Toy Story 3 features a wealth of unlockable items for you to discover. Don’t expect to find everything on your first run through the story and Toy Box modes; the perfect encouragement to start again to discover each and every lost item. A two player cooperative mode may also offer some additional entertainment as a friend or family member can drop into the action at any moment. Exploring the elaborate world will certainly be more enjoyable with a friend by your side, even if it can make certain fast-paced sections of the game trickier.

With a diverse range of different missions, colourful and attractive scenery and beloved characters from the movie to boot, this is a title that is sure to hold the attention of any fans of the film. While the content may be more suited to children, there is much enjoyment to be had from this title with gamers of all ages

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