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Supreme Commander Review

Those that played the original version of Supreme Commander, either on the PC or Xbox, the latest version of this strategy game will blow your socks off.  While the original on the Xbox was plagued with bugs and issues, this second version offers so much more in so many areas that it is one game you’ll have to own.  Of course, it’s not perfect as it does have a few flaws, but it is one that you will want to check out right away.

You play as one faction in a massive war to take over the whole planet.  There are three military commanders that form a coalition to help destroy the invading aliens, the Seraphim.  You can play as any of these three factions: the United Earth Federation, the Cybran Nation, or the Illuminate.  As one of these factions, your goal is to work with the other allies and defeat the Seraphim.  One of the good things about Supreme Commander 2 is that they really did more work on the overall story line, giving the characters more depth, better cut scenes, funnier lines, and so forth – even if the voice acting is over the top at times.

There are two ways to play Supreme Commander 2: the single-player story line or the all-in war.  Even if you prefer the all-out war side of the game, you should take the time to play the single-player story line as it is greatly improved over the previous version of Supreme Commander.  The story mode will allow you much more freedom than many other military strategy games out there, which is a nice change.  And, the all-out war mode will give you the opportunity to really get in and create exactly what you want – from a well-thought out strategy to a throw-everything-at-them style.  You’ll be able to fight the way that you want, and be able to build back up your arsenal when it’s depleted by collecting items from predetermined nodes using extractors and generators.

One of the good things about the gameplay is that the developers for Supreme Commander 2 have made the controls more accessible and generally better for the Xbox 360 than they were previously and better than other strategy games available.  Think about it, it is so much easier to play a strategy game on your PC, where you have a keyboard and a mouse to control your armies.  But, the developers did an excellent job here to give Supreme Commander 2 beautifully fluid gameplay.

The graphics is one area where the developers could have put in a little more time, but it’s not all bad.  While they did up the graphics a bit, there are still some bugs and the visuals that you’ll find aren’t overly impressive.  The explosions, fighting and colours could have been somewhat better – but overall it is not that bad and still looks better than the previous version of Supreme Commander.

The audio is another area where the developers should have put in more time.  While there are some decent voice actors in Supreme Commander 2, most of them are over the top or just bad all around.  Plus the sounds are really buggy in this version of the great PC strategy game.  This is truly one area of the game that is disappointing all around, and everything could have been much better with minimal work.

Overall, Supreme Commander 2 is a great Xbox 360 game for anyone that loves military strategy games.  Even though the AI in this version can get predictable, the game itself is well put together and offers any gamer the chance to rule the battlefield and drive the aliens out of town with the use of some great strategies and well-placed troops.  It’s easy to recommend this version of Supreme Commander over the previous one, and even over some of the other military strategy games that are out there for the Xbox 360 right now.

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