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DiRT 3 Preview

DiRT 3 Preview for XBOX 360

Anyone who has played the previous installments is anxiously awaiting the May 24th, 2011 release of DiRT 3 to see what new features Codemasters has brought to the table.  They have claimed that this game will be the hottest racing game developed in their studio so fans are expecting big things, really big things!


If you’re looking for an in depth storyline here, DiRT 3 is probably going to disappoint you.  It’s not been designed so your character can socialize or be required to shop for paint or get a haircut like you’ll find in some other racing games.  No, DiRT 3 is made to race!

This game has roughly double the track that DiRT 2 did and you actually start out as a professional driver this time around, not a rookie having to earn respect.  You’ll race to elevate your global standing through countries like the United States, Africa and Europe in deep mud, snow, rain and other extreme environmental conditions.


Codemasters has really made some improvements worth mentioning when it comes to gameplay.  This installment focuses on going professional so sorry if you’re going to miss that dingy Winnebago.  There are 59 more tracks than the last one, new modes, including gymkhana, split-screen multiplayer, easy YouTube loads and improved damage modeling.

Now, although an official car list has not been provided as of yet for DiRT 3, it is suggested that there will be more than any other game, including iconic cars dated back to the 1960s that were important to the sport’s history.  A few that are 100 percent for sure included in DiRT 3 are the MiniCooper S1275, Citroen C4 WRC, Colin McRae’s 555 Subaru, Toyota Celica, Peugeol 207 S2000, Audi Quattro S1, Lancia Stratos and Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta.

In the career campaign, you travel through the world to compete in races and improve your global standings.  You’ll also join a team and build your reputation, allowing you to compete against some of the biggest names in racing.

Multiplayer mode in DiRT 3 is stirring up a lot of questions.  For example, what are Robot and Infected Attack Modes?  No one knows and Codemasters is not talking.  It is certain though that the game will have an eight-player online competition.  If you want further information on multiplayer mode, you’ll have to wait like everybody else.


It is promised that the environments will be absolutely spectacular in DiRT 3.  A new lightening model has been added as well to make sure that cars feel like they belong in their environment.  Speaking of the cars, despite the fact that there really is an exhausting number of them, each and every single one is supremely detailed, guaranteed to impress.

Sharper focus, improved and realistic weather effects and brilliant colors in some stunning remote locations all will harmonize to add to the quality of the game.


DiRT 3 is expected to be special, if special can even be a word used to describe a game full of mud and crashes.  Codemasters has thought out every feature, improvement and addition and have made some pretty tall promises.  It’s safe to say that even if you didn’t play the first or second installment on 360, DiRT 3 is not one you will want to miss this time around!

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