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Kinect: Brunswick Pro Bowling Review

Kinect: Brunswick Pro Bowling: Motion Brings it to Life

Bowling video games have long since been a staple on the consumer electronics market. Those that are long time fans of the video game scene probably remember campy classics such as Robot Bowl. Bowling games truly never go out of style and every few years, a new and innovative release spins traditional versions of video game bowling into new and unique territory. One such innovative new release in a long line of great bowling games would be Kinect: Brunswick Pro Bowling. This game is far from a mere rehash of previous bowling games as it brings a lot new to the table or, in this case, to the (virtual)bowling lanes.

Yes, for those that have a love for bowling games, Kinect: Brunswick Pro Bowling may be among the best titles to add to your collection. Why is this so? Well, there are quite a few points that make this a solid new release…

The fact this is the only bowling game on the market presenting image of a realistic image of a modern bowling alley certainly adds to its appeal. As the name indicates, this bowling game that integrates the Xbox 360 Kinect motion sensor into its play. That means the game can duplicate an identical experience of “real life” bowling. The way you throw the bowling ball down the virtual lane is done no different than how you would throw an actual bowling ball. Really, the most appealing aspect of this game is that it is so close to actual bowling that it creates a stunning “you are there” experience. That is the true selling point of this game and it sets the game apart from the many traditional bowling games that lack the amazing motion sensor component.

In short, this is the most realistic bowling game that has ever been devised! That alone would make it the perfect purchase. Yet, there is still more to this game than even ardent gamers realize. What else does it have to offer? Here is a look:

You are not limited to one type of bowling lane. There are ten different environments in which you can bowl. Each of these different lane environments has its own unique components. All the different environments open the door to experiencing a completely different style of play. Thanks to the great variety in the lanes, players certainly won’t become bored with the game after a few sessions.

The actual game play is more realistic than you would initially imagine. It is not just the human motion component that makes it realistic. Even the most minute details of ball and pin motions are retained. The game truly does feel like the real thing thanks to such expressive detail.

No matter what your skill level may be, Brunswick Pro Bowling can match your level. From amateur level to professional level, no player needs to feel left out. You will also have the option of playing under tournament rules which definitely can increase the excitement of play.

This is also a game that has been designed so even young children can enjoy. The little ones do not need to feel excluded from playing as there are levels catering to them.

All in all, Kinect: Brunswick Pro Bowling is a tremendously fun game and one that fans of bowling and sports games in general will love. Consider it a definite must have addition to your sports gaming inventory.

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