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Think You’ve Already Played the Best Shooter Game?  Wait Till You Play Brink!

Scheduled to release May 17th 2011, Brink has screen shots that are certainly stirring up a bit of excitement.  Is it a single player or a multiplayer?  Will it be anything like Wolfenstein or Quake Wars? Well, although it will have similarities, Splash Damage has their hands all over this one and they were determined to create a game that even newbies could easily pick up and get hooked on without knowing history or moves.


Brink for PS3 and Xbox 360 takes place in the year 2035 on a floating city called Ark that is surrounded by water from the Earth being flooded.  The Ark was thoughtful designed as a perfect environment with no pollution and renewable resources to keep 5,000 residents happy.  Unfortunately, due to many refugees finding their way there, the population has grown to over 50,000, resources are dwindling and Ark is on the brink of a civil war.

With tensions growing, Security and Resistance forces have prepared for heated battle.  Ark Security has expanded into a counter-terrorism, heavily armed force to protect resources, many of which are volunteers, while the Resistance has been formed by those who want equal rations for all.  Who will come out on top?


The SMART system has been developed for Brink to allow you to maneuver fluidly around even the most complex environments by analyzing your position as well as what you are trying to activate.

Brink let’s you choose if you want to complete the campaign as a soldier, medic engineer or operative, allowing for a lot of opportunities within one game.  Everything pretty much looks like you will be able to customize it from characters and classes to missions to individual weapon loadouts.  During the campaign you’ll be able to also select from a menu of context-specific goals that upon completion, you can earn points from.

So, what’s so great about the gameplay in Brink?  When you select one of these missions, the mission of other online players will change due to your choices.  Of course, they still have their own mission but they will also be able to make the choice to do things that will affect your mission if they decide.  This means that you can play through the same missions continuously yet always have a different experience.


The graphics are expected to surprise a lot of people who weren’t too sure about Splash Damage taking over.  In fact, if you watch any of the demos, you will see not one detail has been overlooked.  From the veins popping out of the over-sized muscular arms of the Resistance to the distant graffiti on buildings by the docks, everything is precisely what you hope it would be.


Brink is definitely going to be one to watch for regardless if you’re playing on an Xbox 360 or PS3 platform.  Options like customizing your characters and the way missions can constantly be reflective of some other gamer’s decision are features that make this game so exceptional.  Brink is certainly not going to be just some shooter game, it will be a different, interactive experience with a challenging campaign.

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