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Cheat List:
During gameplay, pause the game and enter the following cheats:
Full Eye Power: L, R, L, WHITE, WHITE, BLACK, R, WHITE
Full Health and Armor: R, R, BLACK, WHITE, BLACK, R, L, BLACK
Unlock Eye Powers: L, L, BLACK, BLACK, R, BLACK, L, WHITE

Unlockable: All Levels:
To unlock all single player and multi-player levels in GoldenEye: Rogue Agent enter DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, UP, LEFT at the extras menu
All multi-player mode skins:
Press Down, Left, Up, Left, Right, Down, Left, Up at the extras menu.

One life mode:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. eat: Paintball Mode

Paintball mode:

Cheat: Skins:
All multi-player mode skins: Press DOWN, LEFT, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP

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