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Cheat mode:Go to the main menu, hold L B R (in order) at the main menu, then release B, R, L (in order) to display the code entry screen.After type one of the cheat codes below:Master code: 246518Unlock all Cities – 659996Unlock all Monsters – 525955Challenges – 975013HP Restores – 536117Energy doesn’t restore – 122574Player1: invincibility – 338592Player1: unlimited energy -? 819342Player1: 4x damage – 259565Player1: invisible – 531470Player2: unlimited energy – 324511Player2: invisible – 118699Player2: invincibility – 259333Player2: 4x damage: 927281Player3: 4X damage – 500494Player3: unlimited energy – 651417Player3: invisible – 507215Player3: invincibility – 507215Player4: 4X damage – 988551Player4: unlimited energy – 456719Player4: invisible – 198690Player4: invincibility – 485542100,000 pts. – 532459Buildings can’t be destroyed – 812304Gallery – 294206Gallery 2 – 409014Godzilla: Final Wars Profiles – 409014100,000 Points: 532459 Note: Can use only once150,000 Points: 667596 Note: Can use only once200,000 Points: 750330 Note: Can use only onceIndestructible buildings: 812304One time energy: 122574Watch ending movie:Finish the game in hard modeUnlock Space Godzilla, King Gidorah and Jet Jagaur:Finish the game twice with Megalon and Godzilla (90s or 2000).King Ghidorah or Mecha King Ghidora: Combo:Outrage: Press L B Left X.Mechagodzilla 3: Combo:Ultra Flying Kick: Press L X, then at the correct moment quickly press Up X.Megaguris: Combo:Energy Drain of Doom: Press L B or X, then quickly press B(2).Orga: Combo:Super Back Smash: Press L B then quickly press Left X.Catching:When an enemy throws a building or anything else, press L to catch the thrown item.Attacking on the ground:When you are down, press X or B to do an attack on the ground.

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