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Unlockable suitsUnlock the following armor suits by performing the corresponding tasks:SUIT – HOW TO UNLOCKClassic – Successfully complete the “one man army vs. mercs” challenge, which is unlocked after story mode mission 7.Classic Mark I – Successfully complete the “one man army vs. AIM” challenge, which is unlocked after story mode mission 8.Extremis – Successfully complete the “one man army vs. maggia” challenge, which is unlocked after story mode mission 4.Hulkbuster
– Successfully complete the “one man army vs. AIM-X” challenge, which
is unlocked after story mode mission AIM-X. Hulkbuster is slow but can
sustain massive amounts of damage. Its Repulsors are more like cannon
shots and in place of grenades or missiles is a single cannon shot that
hits a target, then a moment later creates an explosive shockwave that
is devastating to large groups of enemies.Mark II – Successfully complete the “one man army vs. ten rings” challenge, which is unlocked after story mode mission 3.Ultimate
Suit(PS3 exclusive) – Successfully complete story mode. The Ultimate
suit is the equivalent of the Extremis but does not have stealth has a
more powerful Unibeam and Gatling Repulsors that are weaker.Easy One Man Army missions:In
One Man Army missions, take down as many air units as possible quickly,
especially jets since they are too fast to chase and difficult to shoot
down.”AIM-X” mission: Easy completion:Immediately go
for the couplings. Take as little time as possible on defensive units.
If you take your time destroying them and go on to other couplings, the
couplings will be repaired and defenses will be reinforced. Immediately
after their destruction, go to the center and destroy defenses. Hide
under the platform to recharge your armor. Once the defenses are
substantially diminished go to the top and strafe Horgan, keeping the
cannon below and in front of you. When he charges his attack, drop
behind the cannon. He will hit it and damage it. After a few times of
doing this, not only will you defeat Horgan but also get the hero
objective of destroying the cannon.”Flying Fortress” mission: Easy completion:Go
to the fortress’ jamming device. Next to it is a door mounted to the
bottom of the fortress. Fly up inside and destroy the four boxes that
will take down the shields of the cannons. Fly back down. Go around and
fly to the highest point. Take out the cannons with your missiles.
Jarvis will tell you to go inside. Tap into the computer and come back
out. Destroy the four engines then destroy the top of the craft. Go back
inside to another door. Open the big loading bay door and fly inside.
There may be a few mines dropped on the city below. Destroy the mine and
go back into the loading bay doors. Destroy the big blue cannon to go
inside. Straddle between the two orange power engines to complete the
level.Suit parts:As you unlock parts to your suit in Story mode, they will become usable in past missions in Mission Archive mode.Listen to full “Iron Man” song:After the game loads, select “Credits” at the main menu. You will now be able to hear the full “Iron Man” song. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKSidekick (75 points) – Beat all missions on Easy difficulty or harder.Hero (75 points) – Beat all missions on Normal difficulty or harder.Super Hero (75 points) – Beat all missions on Formidable difficulty.Disarmed (25 points) – Destroy stockpiled Stark weapons in the Escape mission.City Protector (25 points) – Destroy drones without civilian damage in the First Flight mission.Decommissioner (25 points) – Destroy all Prometheus missiles in the Maggia Compound mission.In the Drink (25 points) – Avoid civilian casualties in the Flying Fortress mission.Tatyana, Interrupted (25 points) – Protect the nuclear facility in the Arctic Battle mission.Not a Scratch (25 points) – Avoid harming the destroyer and its crew in the Lost Destroyer mission.Power Saver (25 points) – Avoid disrupting the city’s power supply in the On Defense mission.Shocking! (25 points) – Protect outlying occupied buildings in the Save Pepper mission.Proton Shut Out (25 points) – Prevent cannon attacks on civilian targets in the Island Meltdown mission.Escape Velocity (25 points) – Sever the tether before the satellite overloads in the Space Tether mission.You’re Fired! (25 points) – Destroy power regulators in the Iron Monger mission.Excelsior! (70 points) – Beat Hero Objectives for all missions.Ten Rings Obsoleted (25 points) – Beat the One Man Army vs. Ten Rings challenge without an armor breach.Maggia Obsoleted (25 points) – Beat the One Man Army vs. Maggia challenge without an armor breach.Mercs Obsoleted (25 points) – Beat the One Man Army vs. Mercs challenge without an armor breach.AIM Obsoleted (25 points) – Beat the One Man Army vs. AIM challenge without an armor breach.AIM-X Obsoleted (25 points) – Beat the One Man Army vs. AIM-X challenge without an armor breach.Air Superiority (15 points) – Destroy all dropships before the Stark Gunship is stolen in the First Flight mission.Road King (15 points) – Destroy all convoy vehicles in less than 2 minutes in the Stark Weapons mission.Launch Aborted (15 points) – Destroy all Prometheus missiles within 10 minutes in the Maggia Compound mission.Collateral Damage (15 points) – Destroy a Prometheus missile by destroying a fuel truck in the Maggia Compound mission.Personnel Vendetta (15 points) – Defeat 20 soldiers in the Arctic Battle mission.Overkill (15 points) – Defeat a soldier using the Unibeam.Smack down (15 points) – Defeat Titanium Man before his second recharge in the On Defense mission.Impenetrable (15 points) – Beat a mission (other than Escape or First Flight) without an armor breach .An Object in Motion (15 points) – Destroy any target using a ramming attack.Grounded (15 points) – Successfully grapple and throw a plane.Your Own Medicine (15 points) – Damage or destroy another enemy while grappling a SAM launcher.Long Shot (15 points) – Damage or destroy another enemy while grappling a howitzer.Hulk Smash! (15 points) – Successfully grapple an opponent in the Hulkbuster armor.Ground Pound (15 points) – Defeat an opponent using the ground pound in the Extremis armor.Classic Confrontation (15 points) – Defeat Titanium Man using the Classic armor.Old School (15 points) – Defeat Iron Monger using the Silver Centurion armor.Pugilist (15 points) – Beat any mission (other than Escape) without using weapons systems.Eject! (25 points) – Spare the US fighter pilots in the Stark Weapons mission.Guardian (25 points) – Protect warehouse workers in the Maggia Factories mission.

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