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FIFA 13 Preview

FIFA 13 Preview

In Western culture it has been said that 13 is an unlucky number; luckily, FIFA 13 doesn’t suffer at the hands of this superstition.  Simply put, EA has really outdone themselves with this latest entry in the renowned FIFA series.  Aside from the many continuous and notable improvements accompanying each (annual) addition to the franchise, the FIFA juggernaut has always been known for focus on graphics and visuals.

The fact of the matter is that the FIFA 13 graphics are beyond spectacular, as are many other elements of the game and its presentation.   Rather than starting from scratch with each new title, EA elects to simply build upon what works.  In other words, while FIFA 13 might not feature dramatically different components (apart from what you will find in 12), there are significant enhancements.  For example, the overall level of realism present in this latest edition is nothing short of breathtaking.  FIFA 13 essentially builds upon the big graphical advances in environments and facial animations of its predecessor, bringing an entirely new level of realism to the forefront.

Fans should also be excited about the little improvements that have been made to the player impact engine and behavior / A.I. as well.  Careful thought has apparently been applied toward how your teammates interpret your actions, which certainly adds another layer of strategizing to the mix.

FIFA 13 is not without its controversies however, the new push / pull gameplay feature actually allows you to engage in a bit of roughhousing.  Through this new feature, you may attempt to physically shove opposing players, which may lead to possession of the ball or a yellow card (depending on how subtle or abusive you are).  Though this feature may become somewhat notorious among players, it actually helps bring an even more realistic feel to the game.  Interesting enough, changes have also been made to the “freekick” system, now players can pull off big fakes ahead of their shots in an attempt to throw off the opposing team.

On the plus side of things, FIFA 13 is adding increased focus on mitigating physical factors in relation to the success of your shots.  Ball speed, rotation, as well as the speed and position of the player will determine whether or not you are successful.

In reality, FIFA 13 is a much more fluid and malleable experience than what you might be expecting.  Great care has been put forth to create a much more dynamic and detailed experience than what you might be used to from the series.  Rough, disjointed movements have been replaced with more dynamically fluid ones.  While FIFA 13 will feel like an old friend, it’s important to note that an effort was made with this release to build upon the successes and failures of previous releases.  To make a long story short, FIFA 13 delivers the goods, and then some.

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