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G-Force Review

You’ve got to wonder who sits on the board of directors to approve a movie and game featuring an assortment of furry animals, most notably guinea pigs, in training to become FBI special agents. However, even with the unusual premise, the G-Force game for the Xbox 360 does do a good job at holding the attention of its audience with an enjoyable experience. Games of films tend to flop at the first hurdle but in this instance Eurocom have done a reasonable job at creating what is essentially a good, action-packed title.

The plot of the game is essentially the same as that of the movie; you take control of one of the star guinea pigs, Darwin, one of the aforementioned trainee FBI special agents. He’s on a mission to take down the typically evil corporation Saberlink who are responsible for the creation of household appliances designed to come to life for the sole purpose of attacking their owners. Through the story you’ll be introduced to a variety of other cute and cuddly characters sure to bring a smile to the face. Although the gameplay of G-Force is completely linear, it holds attention well with the introduction of many new guns and toys throughout the progression of the plot.

Control of Darwin is intuitive and the shooting control itself functions well. A lock on system for targeting any bad guys is surprisingly satisfying and sure to keep you enjoying taking out all those that stand in your way. Spare ammo does seem to be quite scarce in this game, which can cause issues with the taking out of flying enemies that is essentially impossible without some sort of ammunition. This could result in unnecessary restarts, though having said that making your ammo last is probably the most challenging aspect of what is essentially a game for kids. The puzzles that you face do get progressively more difficult and inventive throughout but they won’t over-tax your brain.

Although the graphics for the game are beautifully designed and are supported by some excellent animation, the setting itself could have been more varied. The vast majority of time seems to be set within semi-industrial office buildings, which don’t provide the greatest opportunities for Eurocom to successfully display their graphical prowess. The gentle humour of the game is definitely spot-on, however, and will definitely help to increase the enjoyment as you work your way through it.

If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining movie based game, then you’ll struggle to find much that would trump G-Force; with humour set to please adults and children alike and puzzles progressing throughout the plot to hold your attention. It’s a title guaranteed to hold your attention for at least a good few hours.

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