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Forza 4 Review

The Forza series of racing simulation games are venerated for a number of reasons.  They feature pristine, interesting gameplay combined with unsurpassed visuals and with style to spare.  Whether it’s the deep customization, realistic physics, or any of the other incredible features that this game possesses, the point is that Forza 4 in an incredible ride.

First off, the heap of praise that’s been dumped upon Forza 4 is justified.  This is simply an incredible title which does everything you’d expect a modern auto-centric game to do, only more so.  The general feel of Forza 4 is that of an exciting tribute; a game meant to honor the automobile and the many individuals which have participated in auto engineering and design over the years.  In other words, if you love cars or are a particularly energetic auto enthusiast, you’re going to go bonkers for Forza 4.

The goal with Forza 4 was to create the most thorough and engaging racing simulator game to date.  Mission accomplished.  The cars, tracks, locations, tuning abilities, and socialization features (via Xbox Live) are extremely fitting and will provide hundreds of hours of driving pleasure.   Everything about the Forza franchise has been improved upon with this release.  The visuals, models, and interfaces are improved, for example.  Forza 4 is also compatible with Kinect, for all you hyperactive gamers.  Forza 4 also gives gamers the ability to experiment with a variety of modes, tracks, and vehicles; this truly is a sandbox for racing enthusiasts.

Simply put, Forza 4 is the best racing / driving simulator on the market for the 360.  If you want to know what it’s like to slide behind the wheel of some of the most beautiful and powerful automobiles, in some of the most breathtaking and challenging locations in the world, Forza 4 will deliver that experience (and more).

9 / 10

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