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The much desired title of ‘best football game on the market’ has often flitted between the offerings on the market. From Sensible Soccer to Pro Evolution with a whole host of titles in between, many different games have captured our attention and demanded hours of our time. As time has passed many different developments have helped to heighten our experience. Realism is the key that developers have endlessly searched for to unlock the door to a great football gaming experience. The newest game that EA Sports are throwing into these turbulent waters, FIFA 10, promises to take this realism to an entirely new level. Without doubt EA have pulled out all the stops to beat down the opposition to take their place as the primary football game.

On paper you might wonder what all the fuss is about. The list of updates and improvements from the previous game in the series, FIFA 09, doesn’t seem like anything to rock the metaphorical boat. It won’t take long in the playing however to realise that a lot of little differences can work together to create one highly polished final product. Returning to FIFA 09 after playing FIFA 10 will open your eyes to how dramatically improved the new title is, with fluid and functional gameplay that surpasses any previous football title.

Some more obvious additions to the already feature packed game that seasoned veterans are likely to notice are improvements to actions such as dribbling. No longer are you tied to an axis with only eight points as you attempt to guard the precious ball from the opposition. 360 of dribbling drama will keep you on your toes.

Combine these improved action elements with far more realistic physics (you’ll find that the ball now moves as it would in the real world with every kick) and much improved AI and we discover a winning formula. Even the animation of the players is far more refined, with the characters themselves more distinctive in build and appearance than any of the game’s predecessors. No more standing around hoping that the ball will drop calmly to the feet of your player, instead you’ll be able to bounce it from your chest to your feet. Every alteration, though small improvements individually, culminate to create what feels like the most true to life football experience around.

Of course the pièce de résistance of FIFA 10 comes in the form of Live Season 2.0. This additional online functionality allows you to receive real updates every single week. That means that your team in the game will change as your team outside of the game does. What better way is there to keep up to date with the football season as you take your team to the top?

Every game mode included in the game’s forefather, including the excellent Be a Pro and Manager Mode, has been improved for increased playability. With every refinement, every enhancement, every development EA Sports have promoted FIFA 10 successfully to the number one spot in football gaming. Pick yourself up a copy and you really won’t be disappointed!

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