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Imagine a racing game with great graphics, featuring an array of real life cars, but enlivened with weaponry not at all dissimilar to that found within Mario Kart. Imagine a racing game with the ability to gain experience points, levelling up to unlock incredible manoeuvres and an ever-increasing arsenal as you work your way through the campaign. The newest racing phenomenon to hit the high street, Blur, combines all of these elements and more, delivering a game that is fast paced, tactical and sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Don’t think for a second that the addition of over-the-top weaponry will detract from the overall driving experience within Blur, because taking to the streets in your vehicle of choice is nothing short of wonderful. Although the control of cars is similar to arcade games, rather than the title’s more serious competitors, the complexity certainly pushes the arcade racing category to the limit. Quick reflexes are incredibly important as you drive around fast corners and dodge incoming missiles or land mines. The ability to drift adds another dimension and, although it can seem a little stiff at first, with practice (and a decent car) you’ll soon be sliding around corners like a pro.

Although gameplay will start at an easy introductory pace, it won’t be long before you start to meet some real challenges within the campaign mode. With 63 individual events to take part in, falling into the racing, checkpoint and destruction categories, as well as nine different bosses to take down, there is plenty to do to keep you entertained for hours. Especially considering the many secondary objectives that you will wish to complete in order to unlock a vast array of different rewards, such as new cars. These challenges incorporate activities such as hitting an opponent with a missile while driving, or perhaps reaching a certain top speed.

The wonderful driving experience to be found within Blur is well complimented by the varied weaponry available. No one weapon is overpowered within the game and many can be used for either offensive or defensive purposes, making things more tactical than simply battering your opponents with anything you can get your hands on. Keeping an eye on proceedings behind you within your rearview mirror could save your skin on many an occasion, but don’t forget to look forward too, as you could be so distracted by a missile gaining on you that the fast corner in front goes unheeded until you find the wall.

Varied and attractive tracks keep the interest level within Blur high, especially as certain locations may be better suited to certain cars. Expect a different experience each time you step into a different location with a different car. However, if you start to tire of the single player campaign after exhausting every mission and objective, the game still has much to offer with an excellent multiplayer mode. Once again, you will have the ability to level up and unlock more cars and modifications, as well as different race types.

If you are a looking for a completely new racing experience, or simply something to satisfy your craving for destruction and speed, Blur is the title to buy. Exciting action, excellent multiplayer and an enthralling single player campaign will keep you stuck to your seat for hours.

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