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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

There’s certainly no shortage of war-based first person shooter games on the market today. No matter how many new titles are released however, it seems that the public is always hungry for more. As such, the new Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has been launched into the highly competitive market, with gameplay, graphics and content set to rival titles such as Modern Warfare 2. It’s a big claim, but with excellent and immersive online gaming, a reasonably long and suitably difficult campaign, and scenery in such exotic locations that you might just have to stop killing for a few moments to take it in, we feel that it’s justified.

Every element within the original Bad Company has been taken by developer Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and improved upon to create this new title, with a lot of new ideas to boot. The narrative will have you hooked, and the gameplay mechanics have been tightened to provide a whole new level of enjoyment. Players of the original game will soon note that the prevailing atmosphere of Bad Company 2 is a lot darker than in its predecessor. You will find yourself in the near future, battling against the threat of an erupting war as a new era of Cold War tension threatens.

Throughout the campaign you’ll have the privilege of enjoying stunning scenery from a range of different countries such as Alaska, Chile and Bolivia. It’s hard to fault the graphics, with the Frostbite engine performing admirably well in rendering incredibly high resolution settings of jungle, desert and snowy plains. It’s not just that the environments look good that helps to make the game though, but also that they will play a large part in how the warfare plays out. With powerful weapons walls and even buildings can be completely demolished, creating an entirely new battlefield, and removing the ability to squat patiently behind an indestructible barrier while you plan to make your move. As in real life, there are no safe places to hide.

Once you’re done with the well polished campaign mode, you might choose to jump online to enjoy what Dice have immodestly quoted to be the online gaming experience that ‘defines online warfare’. There are only four online modes to enjoy, but the quality of each more than makes up for the lack of variety. Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush and Squad Deathmatch are the options open to you, each offering its own unique experience and set upon one of the eight impressively spacious maps. The maps will appear familiar in that they are loosely based on the campaign environments. Being so intricately designed enables players to spend hours searching for the best sniper spots and areas of cover. Even the most experienced first person shooter players will find a challenge here.

You’ll earn points in the online modes that can be used to unlock a range of new weaponry and gadgets. Points will be awarded for killing opposing enemies, supporting your allies, earning medals and even for some novel achievements such as temporarily marking an enemy by targeting him and pressing a button, allowing him to be seen by your teammates and killed accordingly.

Whether or not you are currently in the market for a new shooter game, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a must have. Stunning environments, excellent action, and campaign and online multiplayer modes that will keep you coming back for more, all help to make this a truly great title.

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