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XBox – Shining Lore Online

TITLE Shining Lore Online
DEVELOPER Phantagram

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SCREENS ADDED: 17 Mar-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

The First Legend : the Earth and Ocean: The Ardran civilization was at a peril as Earth kingdom and Ocean kingdom started a war. It seemed like Ardran was doomed forever as a giant called the Ancient God was summoned from Moon through Lunar Gate. Kirie, the prince of Earth, and Asha, the priestess of Pandora, tried to stop the Ancient God and temporarily sealed off in Overgear Aquaerius its main energy source, the ocean. People blamed the two heroes for causing the water to disappear, and exiled them along with their children. Thus began the legend…

The Second Legend : the Successors:. The legend of 8 heroes that connect the Age of Legend and the Age of Water. Several hundred years since the ocean disappeared and the world was slowly becoming a desert. Rune is Kirie and Asha’s son who has time-traveled to this age. He gathers 8 young heroes to find out about the Ancient God Rabirez as the main cause of the desert. Finally, they destroy the Ancient God to resurrect the Ocean. (This is the plot of Single-Play mode)

The Third Legend : Building a New History: Five years after the 8 Heroes have vanquished the Ancient God. Mysterious forces and accidents appear all over the world. The player will be opening a new age, interacting with the original 8 Heroes, discovering the secret of the lost Ardran and Moon civilizations and becoming a hero to save the world.

  • Very comic, bright, light-hearted atmosphere. Of course there is a serious plot to follow, but it will never drag you down. Serious doesn’t mean dark and seedy. Remember how games like Final Fantasy, Lunar, Dragon Quest could deliver a powerful drama with a colorful cute art style?
  • Stylize your own character any way you desire. Choose among a vast number of cute and fashionable body parts (hair, face, upper/lower clothing, gloves, shoes) and zenie items (constantly increasing with periodic updates), then combine them to have yourself stand out among the crowd.
  • Skeletal animation enables the anime-style characters to take more than 300 different actions. The battle animations are equipment-specific and there is a strong emphasis on the speed and action. (The designers and the programmers, who actually are action game manias, wanted to distinguish SL with the rest on the action department.) Not only that, they display emotions and thoughts through numerous facial expressions and gestures according to their gender, personality, jobs and conditions.
  • Fully interact with the 3D world around you. There are 5 continents (2 to be initially released and more to be added on a regular basis) and 23 major towns. You can travel on foot, through Lunar Gate (like a portal), or eventually use mass-transit system and ride your own vehicle. Touch, hold, carry, and manipulate the objects that are fully rendered in 3D polygons. It is a very functional and useful aspect of the game. You can turn on the light, move furniture around, operate machines, cook with oven, jumps onto a cargo, etc.
  • An easy-to-learn Online RPG where the users can freely carry on their alternate lives, just enjoy entertaining features such as mini-games and animated chatting and/or take on quests to decide the fate of the world.
  • Stop the meaningless hack and slash. Level up by just enjoying your favorite activities. Of course you can kill monsters and carry out a quest, but you can also forge your own weapons, play mini-games, etc. to gain experience points.
  • There are initially 5 available jobs; Fighter, Engineer, Designer, Alchemist, and Cook and numerous titles according to the job proficiency or expertise. You can take multiple jobs simultaneously. The general level will go up according to everything you do, and there is job proficiency (or skill points) that goes up as you take job-specific actions or quests.
  • With special items and abilities, you can assemble any item from scratch, including your own rare items, clothes, weapons, potions, etc. You can even buy your own house or guild hall and decorate it anyway you desire.
  • Simple control-scheme lets you enjoy the fast-paced real-time battles with eye-popping special effects and weapon-specific combat animation with all kinds of abilities and skills.
  • Get in touch with the players all around the world.
  • A totally new way to socialize with others:
  • You can sit around and chat in a caf? looking at their facial expressions, which is a special game mode by itself.
  • Share a quest with friends or let them carry it out for you.
  • Have an NPC vendor take care of selling your valuable creations.
  • The game is designed to make any kind of gamer feel at home.

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