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XBox – RedCard 20-03

TITLE RedCard 20-03
DEVELOPER Point of View

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SCREENS ADDED: 19 Mar-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

RedCard Soccer is a unique entry into the soccer genre, with an authentic combination of soccer action, lightening-fast gameplay, stunning next-generation graphics and intense adrenaline-style gameplay. Emphasizing the most popular aspects of professional soccer, RedCard Soccer features 32 international teams, stadiums and rabid soccer fans from around the world. Players engage in bone-crunching slide tackles and spectacular over-the-top animated moves including bike, flip and scissor kicks and ankle-breaking dekes and jukes. Players can also raise the team’s momentum and add increased attributes while an aggressive player AI offers loads of scoring opportunities and penalties.

  • 11-on-11 ? Every team is given 11 (including goalies) athletes, each with the ability to be under the player’s control, one at a time
  • Adrenaline-style Gameplay ? RedCard Soccer combines authentic soccer action with over-the-top gameplay
  • 32 international teams compete for the ultimate championship while wild soccer fans cheer them on
  • Easy to Learn ? A context sensitive control system that allows players to utilize more controller buttons when they become more comfortable with the game’s controls
  • Rewards/Power-ups ? Skilled players can unlock modes, teams and stadiums, and uncover the hidden power-ups to enhance the game and add replay value
  • Extreme Animations ? All different types of exaggerated kicks including bike, flip and scissor kicks, as well jukes, dekes and quick passing from feet to heads
  • Stadiums ? Visually stunning environments with realistic texturing
  • Momentum ? Players have the ability to raise the team momentum for limited amounts of time.
  • Player Attributes ? Players possess ratings and attributes matching their physical size and abilities
  • Three Gameplay Modes ? Friendly Mode, Tournament/Party Mode and Cup Mode
  • Create-a-Team ? Players create their own custom super-team by choosing players from different countries

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