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Soul Calibur:To unlock the Soul Calibur, complete Story mode on the Hard difficulty setting with Siegfried. The Soul Calibur can be bought when creating a character.Soul Edge:To unlock the Soul Edge, complete Story mode on Hard with Nightmare. The Soul Edge can be bought when creating a character.All weapons:To unlock all weapons for a character, complete story mode with that character.Honor rewards:Unlock the following honor rewards in Create a Soul mode by performing the corresponding tasks:HONOR REWARD – HOW TO UNLOCKAdvanced Equipment – Earn 20 honors.All Weapons – Clear story mode to unlock all weapons for the selected character.Animal Head Equipment – Earn 25 honors.Basic Equipment – Earn 5 honors.Intermediate Equipment – Earn 15 honors.Leviathan and Voodoo Equipment – Earn 30 honors.More Equipment – Earn 10 honors.

Unlockable characters:Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:CHARACTER – HOW TO UNLOCKAlgol – Complete story mode and beat algol.Amy – Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.Angol Fear – Defeat angol fear in story mode.The Apprentice – Complete arcade mode with darth vader or yoda.Ashlotte – Defeat ashlotte in story mode.Cervantes – Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.Kamikirimisu – Defeat kamikirimisu in story mode.Lizardman – Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.Rock – Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.Scheherazade – Defeat scheherazade in story mode.Seong Mi-na – Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.Setsuka – Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.Shura – Defeat shura in story mode.Sophitia – Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.Talim – Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.Yoshimitsu – Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.Yun-seong – Buy for 4,000 gold in character creation.Zasalamel – Buy for 4,000 Gold in character creation.Hong Yun-seong – Buy for 4,000 Gold in character creation.Mi-Na – Buy for 4,000 Gold in character creation.

Tower of Souls Gear:Unlock the following items on the specified floors by performing the corresponding tasks:

FLOOR/ITEM – HOW TO UNLOCK1f: Soldier’s Hat – Finish stage while taking no damage.2f: Warrior Trousers – Finish stage with no ring outs from either side.3f: Pauldron – Switch with ally more than twice.4f: Warlord’s Belt – Execute 3 attack throws.5f: Clergy Clothes – Beat a foe with a ring out.6f: Wonder Jacket – Throw an opponent.7f: Warrior Trousers – Finish the stage without missing any attacks.8f:? Armor Ring: Ice Mirror – Switch characters two times.9f: Scarlett Blossoms – Guard the opponent’s attack thrice in a row.10f: Silver Boots – Guard the foe’s attack 10 times in a row.11f: Grim Horn – Beat all foes with a critical finish.12f: Magus Cloth – Beat all foes with ring out.13f: Pegasus Sallet – Beat all the walls.14f: Phantom Pavilion: Seesaw – Execute guard impact more than 3 times.15f: Submissions Belt – Finish the stage using only the A and G buttons.16f: Warlord’s Belt – Finish the stage with 0 time remaining.17f: Arm Bandages – Do a 5 combo.18f: Kouchu Kabuto – Stand on all corners of the stage.19f: Longhua Qippo – Switch with ally more than 5 times.20f: Life Gem: Sun – Clear the level with a critical finish.21f: Longhua Qippo – Volunteer to perform a ring out.22f: Honor boots – Execute more than 4 counter hits.23f: Frilled skirt – Guard more than 3 times in a row.24f: Protect Gem: Cardinal directions – Execute a combo with more than 240 damage.25f: Zhuque Changpao – Throw more than 5 times.26f: Warthog Cuirass – Do a 10 combo.27f: Iron Gauntlets – Finish the stage without taking damage.28f: Aculeus Suit – Enemy guarded a guard break attack twice or more.29f: Menghu Boots – Switch with ally 5 times.30f: Spirit Gem: Noniple Heads – Finish stage without guarding.31f: Longming Qippo – Execute 5 Just Inputs.32f: Vane Mask – Execute a low throw.33f: Battle dress – Execute 3 attack throws.34f: Power Gem: warrior Princess – Execute guard impact 3 times.35f: Warthog Pauldrons – Finish without switching.36f: Parlor Blouse – Finish stage with 0 time remaining.37f: Siren’s helm – Beat all foes with critical finishes.38f: Gorgon Fauld – Beat all enemies with ring out.39f: Kingfisher Greaves – Finish the stage without changing position.40f: Deer Head – Execute a 5 combo.41f: Minotaur – Execute 5 Just Inputs.42f: Demonic Gloves – Finish the stage without letting foes do a skill.43f: Repel Gem: Iron Shell – Execute an over the back throw.44f: War Cloak – No ring outs on either side.45f: Tiger Lily Kabuto – Beat foes without using any skills.46f: Butterfly salet – Do the above.47f: Succubus Boots – Toss 5 times.48f: Life Dem: Jade – Finish stage with a character equipped with the”invisible” skill.49f: Horns of Calamity – Finish stage with no attacks missing.50f: Tiger Lily Breastplates – Do a 10 combo.51f: Tiger Lily Fauld – Execute more than 4 counterhits.52f: Feathered Wings – Finish stage with a critical finish.53f: Blade Ring: Demon Lord – Beat all foes with a ring out.54f: Leviathan Pauldron – Beat all the walls.55f: Priestess Kimono – Do 3 attack throws.56f: Leviathan Burgonet – Execute a combo with more than 240 damage.57f: Voodoo Armlets – Do a ring out.58f: Tiger Pauldrons – Beat all foes without any skills equipped.59f: Voodoo Greaves – Guard a foe’s attack 10 times in a row.60f: Voodoo Breastplate – Finish the stage without switching characters.

Tower of Souls gear (descent):Complete
the following floors while descending the Tower of Souls to unlock the
corresponding items. You must ascend to level 20 before descending:FLOOR – ITEMB5 – Dark Knight’s Cloak.
B10 – Blade Ring: Raging Thunder.
B15 – Lapin Chapeau.
B20 – Repel Gem: Fox Demon.
B25 – Succubus Guantlets.
B30 – Demonic Armor.
B35 – Demonic Pauldrons.
B40 – Voodoo Crown.

Museum content:Unlock the following museum content by performing the corresponding tasks:MUSEUM CONTENT – HOW TO UNLOCKAlgol Extra – Defeat algol in stage 5 on story mode.
Alternate Opening – Defeat the apprentice in yoda’s arcade.
Art Gallery Illustrations – Purchase them.
Chain of Souls Icons – Defeat any character in story mode.
Character Endings – Complete story mode.
Nightmare Extra – Defeat nightmare in stage 5 on story mode.
Siegfried Extra – Defeat siegfried in stage 5 story mode.Alternate Opening – Defeat The apprentice in Yoda’s Arcade. Create-a-Soul items:Unlock the following items in Create-a-Soul mode by unlocking the corresponding number of honors:ITEM – HONORSAdvanced equipment – 20 achievementsAnimal head equipment – 25 achievementsBasic equipment – 5 achievementsIntermediate equipment – 15 achievementsLeviathan and Voodoo equipment – 30 achievementsMore equipment – 10 achievementsPhantom Pavilion – Seesaw stage:To unlock the “Phantom Pavilion – Seesaw” stage,execute three Guard Impacts in Tower Floor 14.

Play as Yoda:Yoda can be purchased at the Microsoft store.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKStart of a New Era (5 points) – Watch the introduction.Encounter with the Unknown (10 points) – Fight Yoda.Pursuer of the Secret (10 points) – Clear Story mode on difficulty – Normal.Mystery of the Swords (20 points) – Clear Story mode on difficulty – Hard.May the Force be with You (20 points) – Clear Story mode with Yoda.War Veteran (10 points) – Clear Arcade mode.Hero on the Battlefield (20 points) – Clear Arcade mode with over 450,000 points.Legendary Hidden Treasures (20 points) – Get over 30 treasures in Tower Of Lost Souls.Never Ending Advance (20 points) – Descend 20 floors in Tower Of Lost Souls.Tower’s New Guardian (30 points) – Clear all upper floors of Tower Of Lost Souls.Scorpion’s Sting (10 points) – Win a battle with Critical Finish.Smasher (10 points) – Destroy all of the opponent’s equipment.Iron Hammer (10 points) – Land an attack on a taunting opponent.Death on the Battlefield (30 points) – Perform 100 Critical Finishes.Like a Flowing Stream (20 points) – Perform 200 Impacts.Lost in the Moment (30 points) – Perform 20 Just Impacts.Quick Strike (10 points) – Perform 5 First Attacks in a row in Arcade.Swift Strike (20 points) – Perform 100 First Attacks.Mad Destroyer (20 points) – Perform 100 Soul Crushes.Violent Storm (20 points) – Perform 50 Wall Hits.10,000 Strikes of Proof (30 points) – Land 10,000 attacks.Endure 1,000 (30 points) – Guard 1,000 times against attacks.Water Moon (20 points) – Perform 30 grapple breaks.Distance will not Betray (20 points) – Reach over 10,000 meters in total movement distance in battle.First Step as an Artist (5 points) – Customize a regular character.Chosen by History (5 points) – Create a custom character.Sharpened Teeth (20 points) – Maximize a style’s level.Equal Skill and Power (20 points) – Use all skill points and set up 4 skills.Engraved into History (30 points) – Fight 100 times (Online)World Class Fighter (30 points) – Fight against 20 different fighting styles (Online).World Traveler (30 points) – Fight on all stages (Online).Gladiator (20 points) – Win consecutive Ranked Matches (Online).Unknown Swordsman (20 points) – Win 10 times (Online).Hero King (30 points) – Level up to 20.Divine Punishment (20 points) – K.O. with an Unblockable Attack.Reversal Wizard (20 points) – Win 20 times with low HP.Phoenix (10 points) – Win with all equipment destroyed.Wandering Assassin (10 points) – K.O. opponent with over 20 types of weapons.Repel All Blades (30 points) – Win perfect 30 times.Numeric God (20 points) – Measure the two passages of time and win.Two Cannot Exist Together (20 points) – Get a double K.O.Gathering of the Best (20 points) – Complete Chain Of Souls.Observer of Souls (30 points) – Collect all illustrations in Art Gallery.Sword Hunter (15 points) – Collect all weapons for 5 characters.The Controller (20 points) – Get Soul Calibur (Final Form).Wild Run to Tragedy (20 points) – Get Soul Edge (Final Form)Looter of the Battlefield (20 points) – Collect all accessories.Wandering Weapon Merchant (20 points) – Collect 350 pieces of equipment.Tower of Gold (20 points) – Get 1,000,000 gold.Transcend History and the World (50 points) – Get all weapons and equipment.

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