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Metallic characters:To play as a characters metallic version, at the character selection screen, highlight a character and while holding RT press A.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKApprentice (5 points) – Play 3 characters in any mode.Warrior (10 points) – Beat Arcade Mode.Zen Warrior (10 points) – Win a round with a perfect.Noble Soul (25 points) – Beat the game in Ultra Hard without losing a round.Champion (25 points) – Beat Time Attack Mode in under 4 minutes.Ring Out (15 points) – Finish Time Attack Mode with all Ring Outs.Conqueror (25 points) – Beat 25 opponents in Extra Survival Mode.Close Call (15 points) – Defeat an opponent under adverse conditions.Guardian (15 points) – Perform 25 consecutive bursts with Freestyle set to Guard Impact in Practice Mode.Art Connoisseur (5 points) – Explore the different areas in the Museum.Summon Suffering (20 points) – Perform the move Summon Suffering with Ivy.Edge Master (30 points) – Beat Arcade Mode with all characters.

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