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Gamerpics:To unlock the Troll Gamerpic, beat all training and tutorial levels. To unlock the FASA Gamerpic, crouch up and down on an opponent who has the Shadowrun Fever Achievement.Run faster:To run faster, have your pistol equipped.Gust jump:To perform a Gust jump, purchase a Glider and Gust. Look straight down and Gust, then use the Glider immediately afterwards.Pinnacle: Elf strategy:Start the round with Resurrect. This will help you earn money faster. Use inexpensive weapons and never buy more than $200 of ammunition. When you have $2,000, purchase Gust. You will be able to mess the enemy up when trying to get the Artifact, and while they are trying to capture. Continue with weapon until you have enough to buy Strangle. From this point on, quick captures will be easy. To get an easy capture, first start the round ready with a weapon and magic powers set to comfortable slots. Run up the ramp from the Ventilation Platform/Transition Tower, then cast Strangle on the enemy. Exit to the lower bridge. Jump off to the lower bridge, cast Gust at ground to absorb damage from landing, grab the Artifact, and jump off lower bridge. You must now make a run for the second enemy exit below the lower bridge, atwenty feet away from the one you should have cast Strangle on. It should only be about seven seconds into the match. Few people should be there, if any. Make your way toward the entrance to the Lower Garden/Satellite Relay and cast Strangle again on the Doorway to keep followers out. Grab the Artifact, climb up the ladder, and make a run for the scoring area. It should be about fifteen to twenty seconds into the match. As long as you are an elf you should be running fast enough to beat your enemies to the area.Poco: Tribal Elf strategy:Purchase Teleport first. Drop into the sewers and run until you are “Inside Yellow”. You should be directly below the Sewage Pit. Allow your teammates a few seconds to get in there and get a small distraction. Teleport straight up into the Artifact area. Teleport from directly beneath the Artifact. Grab the Artifact the moment you are above ground and run to “The Mouth. Run down the ramp. Once at the bottom of the ramp, run up the ramp from the Mouth. Turn left, take the first right, and you should be in Brick House. After that it should be a straight run to the drop zone. Beware of people using the “Ninja” strategy. They can easily catch up with you and make you bleed out. If they are chasing from the start they should catch you near the Brick House, but it you should be fine most of the time.Achievements:Note: All achievements must be performed online in a 4 vs. 4 or 6 vs. 6 match.ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKChapter 1 Training (10 points) – Beat Chapter 1 Training.Chapter 2 Training (10 points) – Beat Chapter 2 Training.Chapter 3 Training (10 points) – Beat Chapter 3 Training.Chapter 4 Training (10 points) – Beat Chapter 4 Training.Chapter 5 Training (10 points) – Beat Chapter 5 Training.Chapter 6 Training (10 points) – Beat Chapter 6 Training.That’s One Frustrated Sniper (10 points) – Block ten sniper shots with Wired Reflexes.Brother From Another Mother (20 points) – Perform a cross-platform Resurrection.Mine Is The Superior Platform (50 points) – Kill 100 players on the opposite platform.Healer (10 points) – Save your allies with the Tree of Life.Runner (10 points) – Carry the Artifact all the way to the delivery point.Unstoppable (50 points) – Kill ten enemies in a row without being killed.BFF (20 points) – Play Public Match in a Party with players on both XBox 360 and Windows Vista.Elf Player (10 points) – Play as an Elf for one hundred games.Dwarf Player (10 points) – Play as a Dwarf for one hundred games.Troll Player (10 points) – Play as a Troll for one hundred games.Human Player (10 points) – Play as a Human for one hundred games.Heavy Smoker (10 points) – Ignore a great deal of damage using Smoke.Summoner (10 points) – Kill one hundred enemies with your Minions.Teleporter (10 points) – Teleport one hundred times.Blowhard (10 points) – Gust 5 enemies to their deaths.Resurrector (10 points) – Bring back one hundred allies from the dead.Target Lock (10 points) – Kill one hundred enemies with SmartLink active.Trollhammer (10 points) – Kill one hundred enemy Trolls.Elf Bane (10 points) – Kill one hundred enemy Elves.Dwarf Scourge (10 points) – Kill one hundred enemy Dwarves.Street Samurai (20 points) – Kill one hundred enemies with the Katana.Popgun (20 points) – Kill one hundred enemies with the Pistol.Lead Hose (20 points) – Kill one hundred enemies with the Minigun.Tatter Tatter (20 points) – Kill one hundred enemies with the Rifle.Sniper (20 points) – Kill one hundred enemies with the Sniper Rifle.Shotty (20 points) – Kill one hundred enemies with the Shotgun.Special Delivery (20 points) – Kill one hundred enemies with Grenades.Master Blaster (10 points) – Kill one hundred enemies with the Rocket Launcher.100 Wins (100 points) – Win 100 games during your Shadowrun career.Well-Rounded (20 points) – Win a Public Match game as each race.Well-Traveled (20 points) – Play a Public Match on each map.3 for the Price of 1 (25 points) – Kill three enemies with one grenade.Zombie Scores! (20 points) – Deliver the Artifact while bleeding out.Assistant (20 points) – Get a 5:1 damage-to-kill ratio.That Was Close (20 points) – Kill the Artifact carrier less than ten meters from the delivery point, and win the round.Small World (20 points) – Play Public Match with players on both XBox 360 and Windows Vista.Master Thief (25 points) – Deliver the Artifact untouched despite heavy defense.You’re Coming With Me (25 points) – Avenge your own death! Triple Rez (10 poionts) – Resurrect three allies at once.Shadowrun Fever (25 points) – Catch Shadowrun Fever.Winning Streak (10 points) – Win ten consecutive rounds.Master Gardener (25 points) – Kill 5 enemies with Strangle.Godlike (25 points) – Kill all enemy players while taking no damage yourself.Master Ninja (100 points) – Inflict one hundred mortal wounds with the Katana.

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