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Level bonuses:Reach the following levels to unlock the corresponding bonuses:LEVEL – BONUSLevel 20 – A full map that reveals the location of all items, weapons, and other items, Level 10 – Health boostLevel 30 – Infinite foam ammunitionLevel 40 – Infinite grenade ammunitionLevel 50 – Infinite rocket ammunitionGolden guns:To unlock the map location to a secret room that contains the golden versions of all guns, collect all twelve gold bars. The golden guns give double experience points.Gamerpics:To unlock a Gamerpic, defeat the first Tarantula. To unlock another Gamerpic, get the facemask to get all pieces of the XOS-7 Omega Armor.Easy health and ammo:To easily gain health and ammo, collect the health and ammo at a checkpoint and then save the game. Leave the room and then load the checkpoint you just saved. The health and ammo will reappear at the checkpoint.Barriers:To get through the following colored barriers, use the corresponding weapons:BARRIER COLOR – WEAPONBlue – Friction DampenerGreen – GrenadesOrange – Fire ArmsPurple – FoamRed – Missiles Regaining health and ammunition:Save the game at a checkpoint. Exit the room, pause game play, and select the “Load Checkpoint” option. You will retain your current health and ammunition and restart at the checkpoint where you can re-collect the health and ammunition there. Repeat as desired.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKLet’s Get Punchy (15 points) – Melee 5 soldiers.Bomba Punter (20 points) – Punt 20 Bombas.My Head A-Splode (20 points) – Get 50 head shots.Make ‘Em Scream (20 points) – Get 100 soldiers to scream.To Kill a Blackbird (15 points) – Destroy the helicopter attacking the Vice President.Look Out! (5 points) – Kill a soldier with a Bomba.Walkin’ on Water (5 points) – Make it from one end of lake to the other in hyper-Speed.Hero (50 points) – Beat the game on any difficulty setting.Completionist (20 points) – Beat the game with 100% of the items.Minimalist (10 points) – Beat the game with less than 13% of the items.Proven Grounds (10 points) – Beat the Proving Grounds.Serious Complex (10 points) – Reach experience level 50.

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