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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKHero of Venus (20 points) – Escape Venusian Space.Hero of Mercury (20 points) – Get Empress Armada off planet Mercury.Hero of Mars (30 points) – Destroy the Axis Of Evil’s ultimate weapon.Weapon Specialist (15 points) – Max out one weapon.Well Defended (20 points) – Buy Wicked Armor.Perfect Skill (10 points) – Max out one statistic.Medallist (10 points) – Get a medal on any level.Overachiever (15 points) – Get a gold medal on five different levels.Perfectionist (20 points) – Get a gold medal on ten different levels.Multi Player (10 points) – Complete any level in Online Multiplayer Mode.Big Winner (20 points) – Win three levels in 4-player Multiplayer Mode.Smarter Than A Ball (10 points) – Rescue Empress Armada without being crushed.

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