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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKFirst to First (10 points) – Get 1st place in a Tournament.300 Club (25 points) – Score 300 points during a game.Star Power (15 points) – Collect every star on a course.The Locksmith (10 points) – Unlock every course.The Ball Hog (10 points) – Bowl with every ball.Filthy Rich (15 points) – Earn $100,000.The Journeyman (15 points) – Complete 100 multiplayer games.The Power Saver (25 points) – Complete a game without using any Rocket Boosters.The High Roller (25 points) – Earn $50 in cash in an Xbox LIVE game.The Streaker (10 points) – Place 1st 5 times in a row in Xbox LIVE games.The Super Streaker (15 points) – Place 1st 10 times in a row in Xbox LIVE games.The Invincible Streaker (25 points) – Place 1st 25 times in a row in Xbox LIVE games.?

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