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XBox 360 – Hasbro Family Game Night: Boggle Cheats

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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKBits and Pieces (10 points) – Make 10 words that are 3 letters long in one round. Fifty Wins (40 points) – Win 50 multiplayer games of Boggle. I Call Fives (20 points) – Finish a game only using 5-letter words. Loads Of Winning! (30 points) – Win a total of 5 games of Boggle – Any mode. Portal Pro (20 points) – Win 10 games of Boggle with Portal Cubes turned on. The Mighty 8 (20 points) – Spell an 8-letter word in Boggle. The Mind Boggles (20 points) – Win a game with 20 words that are 3 letters long. Winner! (10 points) – Win one game of Boggle. Wordsmith (20 points) – Score 5 6-letter words in one round of Boggle.?

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