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XBox 360 – Hasbro Family Game Night: Battleship Cheats

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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKBeginners Luck (10 points) – Score a hit on your first turn. Captain Win! (10 points) – Win one game of Battleship against a friend. Destroyer’d! (20 points) – Sink your opponent’s Destroyer before any other ship. Escort Mission (30 points) – Finish a game with two ships still afloat that are next to each other. I thought I heard singing… (10 points) – Do not fall for a Decoy. Iron Bottom Sound (30 points) – Sink all your opponent’s ships in Salvo Mode within 4 turns. Make Every Shot Count (20 points) – Sink a ship longer than 3 units without missing. Minimal Loss (20 points) – Win at Battleship while keeping at least 3 of your fleet afloat. Sea Commander (30 points) – Win 20 games of Battleship. The hunt for Blue November (20 points) – Win a game of Battleship Salvo with your submarine still afloat.?

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