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Control respawning enemies:To unlock the ability to toggle respawning enemies in certain districts on or off, complete the game by eliminating the Los Muertos Volk and Shai-Gen gangs.Driving level bonuses:You will receive the following bonuses when you reach level 4 with the Agency Supercar, Agency SUV, and Agency Truck Cab. You must upgrade you experience to four stars and 99 in order to use the bonuses:The Agency Supercar’s horn is replaced with a heavy machine gun. To use the machine gun, press B.The Agency SUV’s horn is replaced with a powerful hydraulic system allowing it to jump. To jump, hold B and then release it.The Agency Truck Cab’s horn is replaced with a powerful nitrous boost. To use the nitrous boost, hold B.Double jump:To perform a double jump, pick up object up over your head, and hold A to jump. Then, while in mid-air, throw the object. While throwing the object hold A to jump again.Running over gang members:To easily run over a gang member, drive slowly towards them. They will be less likely to try and dodge you.Keys To The City:To get the Keys To The City for free, play on Xbox Live with someone that has it. When the other player quits, quickly go the main menu and select “Keys To The City”.Easy wins in Street Racing:To easily win a street race, grab the cement blocks on the side of the road and use them as a road block. Your opponents will crash and pile up into the cement blocks. Then, shoot one of their gas tanks to cause all of the cars to explode.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKAgency Explosives Expert (20 points) – Bomb to achieve 4-star Explosives rating.Agency Athlete (20 points) – Run and jump to achieve a 4-star Agility rating.Agency Wheelman (20 points) – Accelerate and slide to achieve a 4-star Driving rating.Agency Brawler (20 points) – Punch, jab, kick, and throw to achieve a 4-star Strength rating.Agency Marksman (20 points) – Hit your target every time to achieve a 4-star Firearms rating.Master Agent (40 points) – Earn 4-star ratings in all five skill areas and then max out your Skills Status meters.Roadkill King (15 points) – Run over 175 gang members while driving.High Flyer (10 points) – Get to the top of the Agency Tower.Firing Squad (15 points) – Kill 500 gang members using firearms.Bare-Knuckle Brawler (15 points) – Kill 150 gang members with your bare hands.Mad Bomber (15 points) – Kill 500 gang members using explosives.Untouchable Agent (15 points) – Kill 200 gang members without dying.Body Juggler (20 points) – Use explosives to keep a body up in the air for 10 seconds.Car Juggler (20 points) – Use explosives to keep a car up in the air for seven seconds.Hazardous Hangtime (10 points) – Execute a 6-second jump in a vehicle.Driving High (10 points) – Achieve a height of 115 feet or more in a vehicle.Front Flipper (20 points) – Execute two forward flips in a single jump in a moving vehicle.Timed Stunt Driver (20 points) – Execute six car stunts in 60 seconds.Base Jumper (10 points) – Jump from the top of the Agency Tower and land in the water below.Stunt Driver (20 points) – Perform five car stunts: front

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