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Unlockable attire:To unlock a Tuxedo for Banjo, and a neck tie for Kazooie, collect 75 Jiggies. Then, defeat Grunty in the final Showdown challenge at Spiral Mountain. Reload the completed game file to unlock the new attire.Banjo Head vehicle:To unlock the Banjo Head vehicle as an L.O.G. option, complete the game.Gamerpics:To unlock a Gamerpic with Klungo, beat all five levels in “Klungo Saves The World”. To unlock a Gamerpic with Jiggy, collect all 131 Jiggies.Klungo Sssavesss The Universsse! mini-game:To unlock the Klungo Sssavesss the Universe! mini-game, complete all six challenges from both L.O.G.’s choice and player choice vehicles with at least a “Jiggy” rank, and beat the puzzle picture in the level with the colored Jiggys.Gold Trophy Thomas house

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