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Cheat Codes:First beat “Treasure Trove Cove” and return to Banjo’s house. Look at the picture above the fireplace and press a button(unkown) to play a puzzle mini-game. Beat all seven puzzles in the game to be given a code. Then, go back to Treasure Trove Cove and go to the sand castle. To activate the following cheats, spell out the corresponding codes on the sand castle floor using the Beak Buster move:CHEAT FUNCTION – CHEAT CODEInfinite lives – CHEATLOTSOFGOESWITHMANYBANJOSInfinite air – CHEATGIVETHEBEARLOTSOFAIR100 Mumbo tokens – CHEATDONTBEADUMBOGOSEEMUMBO8 honeycombs – CHEATANENERGYBARTOGETYOUFARInfinite blue eggs – CHEATBANJOBEGSFORPLENTYOFEGGSInfinite red feathers – CHEATNOWYOUCANFLYHIGHINTHESKYInfinite gold feathers – CHEATAGOLDENGLOWTOPROTECTBANJOUnlock gate in desert level – CHEATADESERTDOOROPENSWIDEANCIENTSECRETSWAITINSIDEShark Island raised – CHEATOUTOFTHESEAITRISESTOREVEALMORESECRETPRIZESIce Key available – CHEATNOWYOUCANSEEANICEICEKEYWHICHYOUCANHAVEFORFREEGreen egg available – CHEATAMIDSTTHEHAUNTEDGLOOMASECRETINTHEBATHROOMBlue egg available – CHEATDONTYOUGOANDTELLHERABOUTTHESECRETINHERCELLARRed egg available – CHEATTHISSECRETYOULLBEGRABBININTHECAPTAINSCABINYellow egg available – CHEATNOWBANJOWILLBEABLETOSEEITONNABNUTSTABLEFly pad available – CHEATYOUWONTBESADNOWYOUCANUSETHEFLYPADShock Jump pad available – CHEATYOULLBEGLADTOSEETHESHOCKJUMPPADOpen Note Door 2 in main lair – CHEATTHESEGORIGHTONTHROUGHNOTEDOORTWOOpen Note Door 3 in main lair – CHEATNOTEDOORTHREEGETINFORFREEOpen Note Door 4 in main lair – CHEATTAKEATOURTHROUGHNOTEDOORFOUROpen Note Door 5 in main lair – CHEATUSETHISCHEATNOTEDOORFIVEISBEATOpen Note Door 6 in main lair – CHEATTHISTRICKSUSEDTOOPENNOTEDOORSIXOpen Note Door 7 in main lair – CHEATTHESEVENTHNOTEDOORISNOWNOMORERaise the two pipes by Clanker’s Cavern – CHEATBOTHPIPESARETHERETOCLANKERSLAIRRaise large pipe by Clanker’s Cavern – CHEATYOULLCEASETOGRIPEWHENUPGOESAPIPEOpen grill by Clanker’s Cavern for Click Clock Wood picture – CHEATONCEITSHONEBUTTHELONGTUNNELGRILLEISGONEClick Clock Wood Jiggy podium is available – CHEATDONTDESPAIRTHETREEJIGGYPODIUMISNOWTHEREOpen grill blocking Rusty Bucket Bay picture – CHEATTHEGRILLEGOESBOOMTOTHESHIPPICTUREROOMOpen grill in Witch Statue near Bubblegloop Swamp – CHEATSHESANUGLYBATSOLETSREMOVEHERGRILLEANDHATRemove ice cube blocking Freezeezy Peak picture – CHEATITSYOURLUCKYDAYASTHEICEBALLMELTSAWAYRemove webs that block doors – CHEATWEBSSTOPYOURPLAYSOTAKETHEMAWAYSmash Grunty face’s eye – CHEATGRUNTYWILLCRYNOWYOUVESMASHEDHEREYEWater level already high – CHEATUPYOUGOWITHOUTAHITCHUPTOTHEWATERLEVELSWITCHRemove gate blocking path to the crypt by Mad Monster Mansion – CHEATYOUWONTHAVETOWAITNOWTHERESNOCRYPTGATERemove coffin lid in the crypt by Mad Monster Mansion – CHEATTHISSHOULDGETRIDOFTHECRYPTCOFFINLIDRemove breakable walls – CHEATTHEYCAUSETROUBLEBUTNOWTHEYRERUBBLETreasure Trove Cove level unlocked – CHEATTHISCOMESINHANDYTOOPENSOMEWHERESANDYClanker’s Cavern level unlocked – CHEATTHERESNOWHEREDANKERTHANINWITHCLANKERMad Monster Mansion level unlocked – CHEATTHEJIGGYSNOWMADEWHOLEINTOTHEMANSIONYOUCANSTROLLGobi’s Valley level unlocked – CHEATGOBISJIGGYISNOWDONETREKONINANDGETSOMESUNClick Clock Wood level unlocked – CHEATTHISONESGOODASYOUCANENTERTHEWOODFreezeezy Peak level unlocked – CHEATTHEJIGGYSDONESOOFFYOUGOINTOFREEZEEZYPEAKANDITSSNOWBubblegloop Swamp level unlocked – CHEATNOWINTOTHESWAMPYOUCANSTOMPBanjo has big head – BOTTLESBONUSONEBanjo has big hands and feet – BOTTLESBONUSTWOKazooie has big head – BOTTLESBONUSTHREEBanjo is skinny with small head?? ?BOTTLESBONUSFOURBanjo is skinny with small heads, big hands, and big feet – BOTTLESBONUSFIVECombination of all previous “Bottles” codes – BIGBOTTLESBONUSBanjo becomes a washing machine – WISHYWASHYBANJO200 eggs (Requires?? ?Spell Book 1) – BLUEEGGS100 red feathers (Requires?? ?Spell Book 2) – REDFEATHERS20 gold feathers (Requires?? ?Spell Book 3) – GOLDFEATHERS200 eggs and 100 feathers (Requires?? ?Spell Book 1

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