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Hard difficulty:To unlock the ability to play a chapter on Hard difficulty, beat that chapter on Normal difficulty. Then, press LB RB to switch chapters and X to change the difficulty.Easy 300 FRS Points:Complete the game and all simulator battles to gain 263 FRS points. Normally, you have to achieve an S-rank on each mission in Hard mode to reach 300 FRS points. However, there is an easier way to do this. Select one of the easier missions on Hard mode and complete it with a rank of Lower than “S”. Then, replay that mission and achieve an S-Rank to receive one FRS point. Continue to replay the mission to earn one FRS point each time you achieve an S-Rank.Easy money and schematics:Select an AC and get to at least Chapter 3. Start fighting the sim ACs in the ACSIS menu. A good amount of money is given out per fight, and as a bonus you get the defeated AC’s emblem and schematic. You can use the defeated AC schematics to defeat more ACs because you only need a buildable AC to start a mission, and not a sim. The only drawback is that you can only use AC schematics that can be tuned to a certain level. If you have enough points to tune the AC up then you can use it, otherwise it will be highlighted in red instead of yellow or white. You can also use schematics earned in the sim online.Easy “B” and “S” rank mission completions:Play until you are able to purchase the OGOTO grenade cannon. Purchase it and a good supporting arm weapon on the opposite side. Because almost all missions have a high ammo use quota, you can use the grenade cannon and the secondary gun simultaneously very effectively. Use the arm weapon to kill any small mechs or weak Normals that usually die within a few hits. Use the grenade cannon on clusters of Normals or big targets. By doing this you will never go over ammo quota if you are accurate with your shots and you will complete missions very quickly. The grenade cannon is also extremely effective against the simulator fights. Equip a good generator and low cost boosters, fly into the air, and rain hellfire down on the opposing AC. Their health should diminish quickly, even with high AP. Beware of missile-using ACs, as you are a sitting duck for those in mid-air, unless you have anti-missile shoulder attachments or are able to quick-boost out of the way. this strategy makes a good portion of the game easy, especially missions where you can ignore the bulk of the opposition to annihilate two to four specific targets with your grenade cannon. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKChapter 1 (20 points) – Beat Chapter 1.Chapter 2 (30 points) – Beat Chapter 2.Chapter 3 (30 points) – Beat Chapter 3.Chapter 4 (50 points) – Beat Chapter 4.Chapter 5 (50 points) – Beat Chapter 5.Chapter 6 (100 points) – Beat Chapter 6.Normal Difficulty (50 points) – Beat all Normal Missions.Hard Difficulty (50 points) – Beat all Hard Missions.Mission Rank A (10 points) – Achieve Total Mission Rank A.Mission Rank S (20 points) – Achieve Total Mission Rank S.GA Pack-A (30 points) – Beat the “SDGA RANK-A” data pack.GA Pack-B (30 points) – Beat the “SDGA RANK-B” data pack.Rosenthal Pack (30 points) – Beat the “NDP-E001 ROS-OME” data pack.Rayleonard Pack (30 points) – Beat the “NDP-C001 RAY” data pack.Akvavit Pack (30 points) – Beat the “NDP-C002 AKV” data pack.BFF Pack-A (30 points) – Beat the “SDBFF RANK-A” data pack.BFF Pack-B (30 points) – Beat the “SDBFF RANK-B” data pack.Leone Pack (30 points) – Beat the “NDP-B001 LEO” data pack.Aldra Pack (30 points) – Beat the “NDP-B002 ALD-MEL” data pack.Eqbal Pack (30 points) – Beat the “NDP-A001 EQB-TEC” data pack.Maghrib Pack (30 points) – Beat the “NDP-X002 MAGHRIB” data pack.All Data Packs (50 points) – Beat all data packs.01 Berlioz (10 points) – Beat the MARCHE AU SUPPLICE mission on Hard.03 Anjou (10 points) – Beat the JARDIN DE CHEVALIER mission on Hard.05 Mary Shelley (10 points) – Beat the EMPRESS mission on Hard.14 Sherring (10 points) – Beat the SEA OF BLOOD mission on Hard.Amazigh (10 points) – Beat the DESERT WOLF mission on Hard.Sus (10 points) – Beat the UP IN FLAMES mission on Hard.Ursragna (10 points) – Beat the JUGGERNAUT mission on Hard.Sol Dios (10 points) – Beat the SOL DIOS mission on Hard.00-Aretha (10 points) – Beat the SEED A BARREN EARTH mission on Hard.Special Pack (30 points) – Beat the “NDP-S001” data pack.02 Sadhana (10 points) – Beat the Ego Boost mission on Hard.06 Celo (10 points) – Beat the Seed A Barren Earth mission on Hard.09 Sir Maurescu (10 points) – Beat the Line Of Defense mission on Hard.10 Menno Ruh (10 points) – Beat the Internal Purge mission on Hard.19 Francisca (10 points) – Beat the Silent Avalanche mission on Hard.25 Borisovich (10 points) – Beat the Sandstorm Citadel mission on Hard.Total Mission Rank SS (30 Points) – Achieve Total Mission Rank SS.

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