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Unlockables:Unlock the following bonuses at the “Gallery” menu by performing the corresponding tasks:BONUS – HOW TO UNLOCKCredits – Complete Story mode to view the Arcade and Console version of the credits at the “Gallery” menu.Endings – Complete Story mode with a character to unlock their ending sequence(s) at the “Gallery” menu.Cut-in illustrations – Complete Story mode with a character to unlock their cut-in illustration(s) at the “Gallery” menu.Link animations – Complete Story mode with a character to unlock their link animation at the “Gallery” menu. Note – Ragnarok’s link animation is unlocked when Story mode is completed with any character.Unlockable Illustrations:Unlock the following illustrations at the “Gallery” menu by selecting the corresponding characters in any mode:ILLUSTRATIONS – CHARACTERAkane Illustrations – Akane.Angelia Illustrations – Angelia.Arcana of Blossoms Kayatsuhime Illustrations – Kayasuhime.Arcana of Darkness Gier Illustrations – Gier.Arcana of Earth Ohtsuchi Illustrations – Ohtsuchi.Arcana of Evil Dieu Mort Illustrations – Dieu Mort.Arcana of Fire Lang-Gong Illustrations – Lang-Gong.Arcana of Ice Almacia Illustrations – Almacia.Arcana of Light Mildred Illustrations – Mildred.Arcana of Lightning Bhanri Illustrations – Bhanri.Arcana of Love Partinias Illustrations – Partinias.Arcana of Luck Saligrama Illustrations – Saligrama.Arcana of Magnetism Median Illustrations – Median.Arcana of Metal Oreichalkos Illustrations – Oreichalkos.Arcana of Mirrors Heliogabalus Illustrations – Heliogabalus.Arcana of Nature Moriomoto Illustrations – Moriomoto.Arcana of Punishment Koshmar Illustrations – Koshmar.Arcana of Sin Sorwat Illustrations – Sorwat.Arcana of Sounf Phenex Illustrations – Phenex.Arcana of the Holy Zilrael Illustrations – Zilrael.Arcana of Time Anutpada Illustrations – Anutpada.Arcana of Water Niptra Illustrations – Niptra.Arcana of Wind Tempestas Illustrations – Tempestas.Catherine Illustrations – Catherine.Clarice Illustrations – Clarice.Dorothy Illustrations – Dorothy.Eko Illustrations – Eko.Elsa Illustrations – Elsa.Fiona Illustrations – Fiona.Heart Illustrations – Heart.Kamui Illustrations – Kamui.Kira Illustrations – Kira.Konoha Illustrations – Konoha.Lieselotte Illustrations – Lieselotte.Lilica Illustrations – Lilica.Maori Illustrations – Maori.Mei-Fang Illustrations – Mei-Fang.Mildred Illustrations – Mildred.Nazuna Illustrations – Nazuna.Petra Illustrations – Petra.Saki Illustrations – Saki.Scharlachrot Illustrations #1 – Scharlachrot.Scharlachrot Illustrations #2 – Scharlachrot.Spirit of Fenrir Baldur Illustrations – Fenrir Baldur.Spirit of Tyr Gottfried Illustrations – Tyr Gottfried.Weiss Illustrations – Weiss.Yoriko Illustrations – Yoriko.Zenia Illustrations – Zenia.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKA Learning Computer (15) – Mei-Fang – Finish your fight in mint condition.Any Color, So Long As It’s Black (15) – Catherine – Experimental weapons!Arcana, Assemble! (20) – Fight against all Arcana in Network Mode.Archangel (20) – Use all characters.Atatatatatatatatatatatatatata! (15) – Akane – Show them your ultimate burning passion!Critically Acclaimed (20) – Win with a Critical Heart.Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? (15) – Petra – Life is cheap, and so are bullets.Draw, Partner (15) – Eko – Just keep drawing.Engauge! (15) – Completely drained the Spiritual Gauge more than 3 times in a single match.Enough Love to Go Around (60) – Raise all Characters RP Level to 3.Flawless Victory (15) – Saki – Decommission your opponents with skill and precision.Form of…Me Kicking Your Ass! (15) – Kira – You spin me right round, baby, right round…Gone in 75 Seconds (15) – Angelia – Almost there…Good Morning, Angels (20) – Fight against all characters in Network Mode.Gotterdammerung (20) – Used Baldur to defeat Ragnarok.I Don’t Have Anything Elsa Left (15) – Elsa – Master a variety of weapons.I Need Support! (15) – Maori – Complete a combo with the aid of all your sisters.I Was Just Looking! (40) – Unlock all of the illustrations in Gallery Mode.I’m Stuffed (15) – Konoha – Switch places with a bunch of stuffed…yous!I’ve Seen Everything (30) – Watch all of the endings in Story Mode.It’s Moving… (60) – Unlock all the link animations in Gallery Mode.Mark III Chain Master (15) – Scharlachrot – Trap your opponent.Mark III Sword Summoner (15) – Weiss – Execute a combo of 100 hits, without assistance.Mycana, Not Ourcana (20) – Use all Arcana.No Train No Gain (10) – Train for 15 minutes straight.No, I Expect You To Die (15) – Zenia – Timing is of the essence.Obtuse Angel (15) – Fiona – Dish out as much damage as you can with a single attack.Of Critical Importance (20) – Win with an Extended Critical Heart.On The Streets and So Forth (15) – Lilica – Never give up. Never surrender!Operation Nihon-Go (10) – Watch the bad ending in Story Mode.Plays Well With Others (10) – Play in a Player Match.Raise the Draw-Bridge! (15) – Eko – Lanch some REAL fireworks.Rank and File (10) – Play in a Ranked Match.Sacrecent (15) – Used moves with the word “Sacred” in them more than 100 times as Fiona.Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (15) – Nazuna – Master the follow-up.Storybook Ending (10) – Finish Story Mode.Storybook Ending X-TREME (20) – Finish Story Mode on the most difficult setting.Sympathy for the Devil (40) – Combo like the Devil!Taliswoman (15) – Yoriko – Master the follow-up.That’s “‘S’ Words”, Mr. Connery (15) – Kamui – Unleash the power of the Spiritual Sword to take down your opponents.That’s the Pooooower of Love (15) – Heart – Tear down all that stands in your way with the power of love!The Alchemist of Life (40) – Defeat Parace L’Sia in Score Attack Mode.Twisted Sister (15) – Lieselotte – You can rebuild her… You have the technology!Un-Natural Female Enhancement (20) – Win while the Extend Force is unusable.What a Card (15) – Dorothy – Master the deck of cards.With Our Powers Combined! (20) – Win with an Arcana Blaze.You Complete Me (15) – Clarice – Steal life from your opponent.You Only Have Eyes for Me! (60) – Raise one character’s RP Level to 10.You’re Not Supposed to DO It! (15) – Got attacked immediately after the (Come and Get Me!) teleport.Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne (15) – While the Water Arcana (Regnum) is active, land a (Last Armageddon Drop).

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