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Run Faster:To run faster, equip the knife.Inhuman difficulty:To unlock Inhuman difficulty, beat the game on the Normal or Hard difficulty.Stealth Kills:To
kill enemies quickly and quietly, use the knife and bow. Do not use
weapons that will cause explosions and draw attention such as the Tek
arrow. Also, try to kill them in an area where there body will remain
hidden after they die to prevent a soldier from finding the body and
alerting his comrades.Hiding from enemies:To hide from enemies in Story mode, crouch in tall grass.Mama Scarface strategy:Approach the giant tree in the middle of the nest site with a shotgun, explosive tip arrows, and grenades in your inventory. Shoot a flare at the
dinosaur with its head in your line of fire. While the dinosaur’s attention is toward the flare, shoot its eyes with every explosive tip arrow you can. When she jams her head in the trunk to eat you, shoot it with the
shotgun to make it retreat. Once it frees its head, throw grenades
until it falls over. Then, immediately run over to her and finish her off
with a knife through the eye.Scorpions strategy:Shoot scorpions with a shotgun or cause an explosion next to it to flip it over. You can run up to it and use
your knife to kill it. Occasionally the scorpion will jump on you and
you will have to stab it in the head.Soldiers strategy:Use
stealth when fighting enemy soldiers as they usually bring in
reinforcements and flank your position when they have spotted you. If
they? bring in reinforcements, it will then draw the attention
of nearby dinosaurs and insects, causing them to attack you as well. Try
to lure creatures into fighting the enemy soldiers with flares or by
shooting dinosaur eggs while hidden.Restore mini-gun ammunition glitch:On
one of the “hold your position” missions, set up the mini-gun auto
turret to help you while you killing people with the pulse rifle. When
you pick it up it sometimes will have more ammunition than when you set
it down.Dinosaurs strategy:Use the knife instead of guns when fighting most dinosaurs. This is because the knife is an instant kill and will save you precious ammo in the long run. However, for Dilophosaurs and giant insects, use some type of explosive or specific weapon to stun them or knock them off their feet for a moment before you knife them. Even under the Hard and Inhuman difficulty you should still use the knife on the dinosaurs, although you will die frequently unless you can get the timing done precisely. Since the game checkpoints before most fights, it should not matter.Defending against a maul:Whenever you’re getting mauled by a dinosaur or insect, sometimes you can defend against it by beating the creature off Turok. However, if you manage to quickly press the correct buttons and hit only a couple or no wrong buttons, there is a chance that Turok will not just push it off but stab the creature to death. This can also happen if the creature mauling Turok has already taken some damage beforehand.Easy raptor kill hint:When facing the bigger, tan version of the raptor, go to a place where he can corner you. Then, slowly back up against the wall and you should slightly go up the wall, making it impossible for them to hit you and allowing you to pick them off easily.Chaingunners strategy:When facing enemy soldiers with chainguns, do not attempt to knife them as they are immune and will always mow you down before you get close. Also, do not use the bow with normal arrows as they have very little effect on the chaingunners. However, Tek arrows will hurt them significantly. When using a sniper rifle against them, it is very difficult to get headshot on them. Body shots tend to take more than two hits on the chaingunners.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKTriple Kill (20 points) – Kill 3 opponents within 4 seconds of each other in a ranked match.Thorn in Side (20 points) – Kill the Flag carrier 5 times in a ranked match.Co-Op 1 (30 points) – Complete Co-op Map 1.Co-Op 2 (30 points) – Complete Co-op Map 2.Co-Op 3 (30 points) – Complete Co-op Map 3.Hometown Hero (25 points) – Return 5 Flags to your base in one public game.Arch-Nemesis (15 points) – Kill the same player 5 times in a row without killing anyone else in between during a public match.Crack Shot (15 points) – Kill 5 opponents in a public game with headshots.Accuracy Award (20 points) – Achieve an accuracy of 75% or greater with at least 20 shots fired in one ranked match.Great Round (15 points) – Complete a public DM match with a Battle Rating of greater than 100.Grab Bag (10 points) – Kill at least 1 creature, 1 enemy, 1 teammate, and yourself in the same round of a public match.Unbreakable (30 points) – Play through a ranked match without dying.Pacifist (15 points) – Play a public match with no shots fired or kills awarded, capturing the flag at least twice.Dino Hunter (15 points) – Kill 20 Dinos in one public game.Exterminator (15 points) – Kill 20 Bugs in one public game.Resurrection (15 points) – Complete a player match free-for-all game with at least 10 deaths and 10 kills.Gamesman (15 points) – Play a full round of each gametype in public or private matches.Retribution (15 points) – Knife kill your Rival in a public match.Primitive Weapons (15 points) – Play a public match using only the bow or knife, earning at least 10 kills.All-Purpose Warrior (30 points) – Win 10 public games of each team game option.Medal of Citation (25 points) – Achieve 100 player kills in ranked matches.Medal of Commendation (50 points) – Achieve 500 player kills in ranked matches.Boomstick (10 points) – Destroy a dilo with the stickygun during a public match.Arsenal (20 points) – Kill at least one enemy with every weapon in the game during public play.Massive Battle (10 points) – Participate in a public 6 on 6 team game.Buddy Blowout (20 points) – Play a full 8 on 8 private team game.Multiplayer First-Class (35 points) – Complete a ranked match with 100% accuracy and at least 5 kills.Multiplayer Master-Class (40 points) – Complete a ranked match with all headshots and at least 5 kills.Practically Canadian (20 points) – How aboot defending your flag, eh? And that’s in ranked matches, sorry.Big Game Ribbon (20 points) – Whoa momma!Angler Ribbon (20 points) – Fishing anyone?Sell Your Shotguns (35 points) – Complete “Mother Superior” without using the ORO Shotgun.Dino Dominance (25 points) – Knife kill 50 creatures in the Story Mode campaign.Turok Service Ribbon (40 points) – Complete the Story Mode campaign and unlock Inhuman difficulty.Turok Campaign Ribbon (60 points) – Complete the Story Mode campaign on Inhuman.Sniper! (40 points) – Head shot 10 enemies in a row during the Story Mode campaign.Impaler Ribbon (10 points) – Pin an enemy to the wall with an arrow in the Story Mode campaign.Turok Defense Force (25 points) – Successfully fight off 20 Raptor mauls during the Story Mode campaign.It’s A Trap! (15 points) – Get dinos to kill 5 soldiers by sticking them with the flare in the Story Mode campaign.Loud Love (15 points) – Kill 3 soldiers with one ORO Copperhead Rocket Launcher shot in the Story Mode campaign.5, 4, 3, 2, 1… BOOM! (15 points) – Kill 3 Soldiers with one Frag Grenade in the Story Mode campaign.Pincushion (25 points) – Pin 50 enemies with the Bow in the Story Mode campaign.Man or Animal (30 points) – Record 100 stealth kills of soldiers with the ORO P23 Combat Knife.

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