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How to defeat Orgus:Orgus can be difficult if you forget that each of your three transformations has a special power. if you remember this you should find Orgus really easy. All you have to do is to kill the purple rock monster first so that you get all the crystal you need to do your special (50). Then, when you have 2 or 3 specials, go throw one in the face of Orgus. You can throw the special you want; if the the protection aura is blue you have to do the yeti special, if it’s red the squirrel special, and green the armadillo special. Also, when you transform Tork to do your special you will never be the right color so you have to beat a rock monster that as the color you need. It wont be easy. Avoid the attack, transform to the right color and do your special. Do this approximately 4-5 times.

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