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Infinite Potions:
Create a new character. Once you’re in town, place all your character’s
potions into the shared stash chest on the north side of Torchlight.
Delete this character. Load another character, and you can pick up the
potions your deleted character left in the chest. Repeat as desired.Gamerpics:Unlock the following Gamerpics by performing the corresponding tasks:GAMERPIC – HOW TO UNLOCKDestroyer – Unlock the “Tree Hugger” achievement. Vanquisher – Unlock the “Big And Green And Dead All Over” achievement. Avatar Awards:Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding tasks:AVATAR AWARD – HOW TO UNLOCKRobot Knit Cap – Defeat the game. Torchlight Logo Tee – Defeat the Overseer.Item duplication:To duplicate an item, Left Click on any goods/merchandise and select an inexpensive one. You’ll have selected the item to put it in your inventory. Instead of putting it in a empty slot, put it on a pre-existing item in your inventory and put it on an expensive one. You will have a replication of that item you clicked on. Note: If you try to duplicate an enchantment, it will generate a randomly enchanted item.Guaranteed successful enchantments:Speak with the guy in Torchlight that enchants your items for you. Choose the item you want to enchant and press A. If it was a successful enchantment, press Start and exit to title. The game will auto save your game for you. After that, continue your game and enchant your item again. If nothing happens or you lose all your enchantments, press the Xbox controller button and press Y to go to the Xbox dashboard. The game will not save and you will start the game after the last successful enchantment. Always exit to title after each good enchantment to enchant your items without fail.Infinite Money hint:If you raise your Barter skill to level 10, you can sell the following items for more than it costs to purchase them: Identify Scroll, Health Potion, Mana Potion, Town Portal Scroll. Repeatedly buy and sell these items to make lots of money. Note: This only works for regular potions.Start with a Pet Troll and Potion of Respec:On the Torchlight start menu, look at the bottom of the screen for a spot where you can invite your friends to play the game. Invite a friend so your next new game will start with a potion that allows you to reallocate all your spell points accumulated so far. You will also receive a fish that turns your pet permanently into a Troll with higher stats than the standard pet.Start Game with More Spells:Take your original character and loot the mines or buy spell scrolls from merchants, but DO NOT read/use them though. Use the shared chest item transfer trick to give them to a new starting character. Place the spell scrolls in the Shared Chest in town and exit to the title screen through the pause game menu, then start a new game with new character and go to the Shared Chest to retrieve the spells left by your other avatar. You can use these spells to arm your new character and/or your pet with magic right from the start.Unlock Shadow Vault:Complete the game and the crypt in the Torchlight graveyard will now be open for all new characters. It also features new quests. Unlock secret dungeon: Play the first level of the main dungeon on theVery Hard difficulty setting. Quickly go all the way to Brink to find him fighting a Translucid beast. Defeat the beast to unlock a Phase Portal that transports you to a secret dungeon containing very powerful enemies.Upgrading hint:Whenever you try to upgrade an item to add effects, there’s a chance you might lose an effect already on the item or all the effects on it. To upgrade without worrying about losing effects, go to Goren the item enchanter. First, press START and select “Exit to Title” to save the game. Now start the game back up, select the item you want to upgrade, and attempt to enchant it. If the upgrade fails, press the guide button on your controller, press Y, and select “Yes.” The game will not save and you will have your money and item still as it was before the upgrade. This is very helpful if you try to enchant an item and it fails, making all the upgrades go away. If the upgrade is successful, then press START and select “Exit to Title.” This will save the game with your new upgrade intact. You can repeat this as many times as desired. Note: This also makes the Achievement “Enchantment Overload” very easy as it requires you to successfully enchant an item 10 times.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKA Lich to Scratch (10 points) – Defeat the Overseer. Tree Hugger (10 points) – Defeat the Root Golem. When this Town’s a Rockin’ (10 points) – Defeat the Ember Colossus. Fetch a Fair Price (10 points) – Send your pet to town. Shape-Shifter (10 points) – Change your pet by feeding it fish. Over the Brink (10 points) – Defeat Brink. Only a Master of Evil (50 points) – Defeat Alric. Enchantment Overload (20 points) – Enchant one item 10 times. Superstar (30 points) – Achieve maximum fame. Big and Green and Dead All Over (10 points) – Defeat Krag. Enchanted (20 points) – Successfully enchant one item 5 times. Purple People Defeater (10 points) – Defeat Medea.?

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