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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Review

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 was finally released on March 29th, 2011 which seemed like forever since EA announced they would finally include The Masters.  So, is the game all that fans had hoped for?  Well, have you seen your neighbor  a week or so?  It seems as though some gamers haven’t been able to turn this one off since they got it.  Yeah, it’s really that good!


The entire career mode in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 has been created to allow you to work your way up in skill and rank so that you can compete in The Masters.  You have to play and progress through various amateur leagues and then pass the Q school which is a tournament series that golfers are required to complete in order to become a professional.

Once this is accomplished, you compete in an assortment of professional tournaments until you become good enough to be invited to play at The Masters.  While the storyline may not be insanely rich in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 and although it is highly predictable, no one is really complaining.


There’s not much changed when it comes to the mechanics of the game but then again, not much really needed to.  The most noticeable difference however, is the caddy that you are now blessed with.  Don’t worry, the caddy does not make Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 any easier like you would think.  While he will suggest a club, angle, etc., he is not perfect and should not be relied upon 100 percent.  Even if you do follow every suggestion that he offers, it is still up to you to follow through.  This is a great feature that has made the game more accessible to those who have never picked up a real or virtual golf club before and it allows veteran players to take their game to a new level.  Of course, if you hate the idea of a caddy, just turn him off!

You’ll also find a nice upgrade system in the game where you can improve your golf by utilizing XP and sponsors.  They’ll offer small objectives throughout the game and when you successfully complete them, you are rewarded with significantly better equipment.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 allows you to recreate various Master’s Moments as well from previous tournaments which is a pretty cool feature.  You can even play as Tiger through all of his wins at The Masters with the objective having to either meet or beat his score.


Graphically, the game probably cannot get any better, it’s about as real as you are going to get without actually having the sun beating on the back of your neck.  EA Sports used art laser scanning technology in the creation of The Masters tournament so the Augusta National Golf Club could be replicated exquisitely.  You will definitely appreciate the detail and careful thought that went into the creation of this game, nothing has been overlooked.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 is the game to play this year, whether you’ve played any of the previous installments or not.  You get unparalleled graphics, The Masters and a caddy all wrapped up in one package, life couldn’t get any better!  EA Sports delivered the best game in the Tiger Woods franchise to date.

9 / 10

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