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Resonance of Fate Review

If you are ready for one of the best games so far this year, look no further than Resonance of Fate.  From awesome fighting moves to an intense story line that keeps you pulled in until the last second of the game, this is truly one PS3 game that I would recommend you get and check out right away.  Let’s take a better look at what makes this an awesome game for any action gamer.

Story Line: Without giving too much away, I’ll try to tell you what all the story line revolves around.  Basically, you control three different characters: Vashyron (the leader), Zephyr (the not-so-happy sidekick), and Leanne (the beauty with the secret).  Each one holds a different piece to the story line puzzle, and provides their own amount of personality to the game to make the story line even more interesting.  While the story line overall is really drawn out, it keeps you interested in the game throughout the length of it.  You start off in the future, where mankind has managed to damage the climate of the Earth so much that the weather pattern’s have basically wiped out our ability to live on the land.  So, they have somehow decided that a giant tower in the sky is the way to go and leave everything else behind.  The society that you are faced to live in is now full of poverty, evil cardinals who are ready to “kill” their god to survive, and monsters that you will be forced to face down.  You’ll be asked to do weird things by townspeople, like look for lost jewelry, but everything adds up in the end and will help you understand the story line as well as Leanne’s past and present secret.  Overall the story line of Resonance of Fate is excellent, and gets a solid 10 out of 10 because it is so unique and keeps any gamer interested for hours on end.

Game Play: Yet another area of the game where it’s excellence shines.  All of the game play aspects of Resonance of Fate offer wonderful moves, awesomely difficult battles, and abilities that make it more of an action game than anything else.  You’ll find that the turn-based combat is a thing of beauty, as you have to use some well-thought out strategy to win but it still gives you plenty of time to plan out how you’re going to attack.  While you’re pulling off your attack, you’ll actually get the ability to make adjustments as you go, making your attacks even better.  Plus, you get a type of hero move ability, where you can set up pinpoints and start your character moving while you jump and shoot with precision.  It will take you a bit to learn the fighting mechanics of the game, which is great, as it isn’t so easy that you can blow right through it – but still not so hard that you can breeze through it either.  There is so much to the game play in this PS3 game that it’s easy to get caught up in everything and be playing for hours without realizing it.  The only problem is that the fights don’t really get that much more difficult as you go through the game, but the strategy and positioning still make a huge difference in how it affects your players.  And, while there isn’t a ton of fat loot to be had here, you’ll find that you get tons of enhancements and upgrades for your current weapons to help your toon grow and really gather some firepower.  Overall, the game play gets a good 9 out of 10.

Graphics: While you’ll find that the characters are extremely well done and the enemies are great as well, the graphics do suffer a bit with the backgrounds.  It seems that the developers did a superior job with the characters, down to the very last detail.  And, they did a great job with the enemies here as well, providing you with a very realistic looking monster mess to fight constantly.  The weapons are great as well and you’ll find very little bugs in the way that things move and interact with each other – which is what you’d expect from a new PS3 game.  But, what drags the graphics down are the backgrounds.  Yes, you’re in a massive tower throughout the game, but nothing at all changes as you go.  You would at least expect some changes in different levels, such as some different paint, some plants here and there – something.  But, everything stays the same, over and over again.  Thank goodness that the characters and mobs are so well done.  If the settings were done a bit better, the rating for the graphics would be better, but overall they get an 8 out of 10.

Sounds: One of the best things about the game, well aside from the great combat and superb story line, is the funny interactions between characters – especially Vashyron.  His humorous comments throughout the game offer some fun in between the serious combat and give you just as many laughs as you have moves.  While the music is alright but not great, leave the sounds on as you go through so you don’t miss out on anything that your characters spout out.  The sounds get a solid 9 out of 10.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new PS3 game to check out and love action or fighting games, Resonance of Fate is the one to get.  Rent it, buy it, it doesn’t matter, you’ll love this one completely.

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