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Quantum Theory Review

The new third person shooter game Quantum Theory was supposed to be the new Gears of War, but was more like grinding gears to a halt. This game is a fantasy shooter where the “hero” Syd battles ugly creatures and meat worms while trying to stay alive.  The graphics, storyline, and basically the game in general need to be scrapped and rethought.  Even the title of the game suggests that the developers had no clue what they were doing.  Quantum Theory deals with energy matter at the atomic and subatomic level.  Well, maybe they did name the game right, because the energy and excitement that was emitted from the game was subatomic.

Quantum Theory problems begin with the basic design and graphics of their characters and backgrounds.  Wanting to compare to the “Gears” series, which provides strong graphics with defined characters and weapons; the characters in Quantum Theory are blurry, jumpy and at times look like something dissolving and not in the cool way.  The look and feel of these characters and monsters make it seem that the designers were under severe time deadlines to push out, or a complete lack of caring in their work.

Hopefully if you are lucky bad characters can be made up for with an impressive array of weapons and armor. Shooter games are notorious for heavy cannons, rapid firing machine guns or plasma rifles of one sort or the other. The weapons of Quantum Theory are just as pathetic as the graphic’s, one is down right idiotic with spinning blades that would lop off our “hero’s” fingers the second he attacked with it.  The rifle spits our rounds out of the barrel with the intensity of a cool breeze, which is all that it looks like by the damage being done to the target.  The grenade launcher is absolutely horrid as most of the times the round never reaches the target.  And then let’s save the best for last, the electro ray.  The little pop it emits would barely break up two pit bulls fighting over a steak, let alone take out the size of the monsters.

The other surprise that Quantum Theory throws at the player is a nasty disease the hero Syd has to get away from.  Kind of like a Resident Evil rip off, the disease goes through the levels changing everything it affects. Not to only have a disease, the designers decided to throw in nasty looking flesh worms delivered from this horrible disease. The whole disease creating mutants is the video game equivalent of “Jumping the Shark”.

The one “bright and entertaining point” of Quantum Theory was Syd’s female partner Filena.  The reason that Filena is so much fun is that she is what Syd uses against enemies. That is correct, our “hero” Syd picks Filena up and throws her at the enemy to knock them down or set up a good old beat down.  Sadly the creators thought throwing a woman at a target, instead of say a hand grenade, was much more appropriate than creating a well-made game.

Some promising areas in Quantum Theory have prevented us from rating it as terrible. However, this game is the type that you are going to come across in the bargain bins. It might be worth a play if you can get it for next to nothing. Sadly, this game hasn’t lived up to its expectations.

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