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Lego Rock Band Review

The familiar LEGO characters associated with addictive and entertaining game versions of some of our favourite movies have taken a break from the big screen, focusing instead on the huge phenomenon that is the Rock Band game. While LEGO Rock Band may have been better timed with a release closer to the original Rock Band, we can still say better late than never as we take a peek at what this new title has to offer.

The first thing to mention is that you will receive nothing more than a disk with this musical LEGO title, there is no bundle that includes the required instruments. That means that you must already, or additionally, make the purchase of the Rock Band bundle. This makes the game only suited to people that are already fans of the series which begs the question, what more does it offer?

Fundamentally LEGO Rock Band plays in exactly the same way as the title upon which it is based. It acts the same and it behaves the same, everything is even in exactly the same place. Ideal if you can’t get enough of strumming your guitar and hitting your drums to the beat, but if you are finding yourself tired of the original game there won’t be much here to reawaken your desire to play.

So what do you actually get within the game? Well the usual adorable LEGO characters will bring a smile to your face as they strum away to your favourite tunes. The stages upon which you will stand within the game are also atmospheric, bright and lively, with haunted houses, underground mines and even castles featuring on your tour schedule. The typical personality associated with the previous titles shines through brightly. You’ll struggle not to smile as the LEGO version of Freddie Mercury prepares himself to sing.

The 45 different songs included within the game span a variety of different styles of music, in an attempt to provide something for everyone. Unfortunately this creates the lasting impression that while everyone will enjoy a song or two, you’re unlikely to find a soul that will appreciate every single track, or even half of them. That will leave you endlessly repeating your favourites, being forced to play along with a cringe to the songs that you hate, or paying to export your tracklist from previous Rock Band titles.

Unfortunately it seems that the developers of LEGO Rock Band forgot to decide upon their target audience. Certain aspects seem suited to kids, such as the inclusion of a Super Easy mode but the music is more suited to adult tastes. If you adore the previous LEGO games, already own the Rock Band equipment and rock out every night and are prepared to splash your cash on what seems to be the same game in cartoon, then this could be an ideal title for you. For everyone else, while there’s plenty of laughs to be had, it’s a particularly expensive way to receive them, particularly if you don’t already own the instruments.

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