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de Blob 2 Review

A shining example of how family friendly video games can still enjoy commercial success, de Blob 2 for the Xbox 360 has been a game that has managed to capture the heart and minds of the general public who have been captivated by the charming nature of the game. Featuring bright, vibrant colours and a wonderful array of equally outlandish and highly memorable characters, de Blob 2 is one game that will definitely leave a lasting impression.


Although de Blob 2 is a sequel, it has been designed to be a standalone title and so what this means in practical terms for the player is that there is no obligation upon them to have any experience or dealing with the original game. Therefore, if this is the very first you have ever even heard of de Blob 2, you will not be at any sort of handicap.

Perhaps one of the most impressive and commendable aspects of the game is that the protagonist, De Blob, happens to be a very charismatic and endearing character indeed. The reason that this is such a major accomplishment is due to the fact that he is nothing more than a giant blob that is actually capable of propelling himself in the desired direction.

For those of us who have actually experienced the game before, will be pleased to see that the basic premise of the gameplay is still included….but thankfully, has also been expanded upon. Therefore, within de Blob 2, the player will be required to travel around the in game universe and absorb the paint that is present.

Once the paint has been duly ingested, the player will then be required to return it to the landscape as they travel, and can do so by stamping and rolling around.

Theme based levels feature prominently within the terms of the game to great effect: rather than being a superficial, shallowly implemented gimmick, they actually serve as a welcome distraction from the main 3D course of the game. The actual range of different levels and backgrounds that are duly included within this frame is also to be commended and the reason for this is that there is an eclectic mix indeed.

Some of the themed levels include the likes of a university computer lab, a soft drinks manufacturing production facility and an office building. Combining elements of traditional platform gaming with puzzle solving and timed based puzzles together, means that not only is there is a significant amount of fun to be had, but there is also lots of replayability present as well.

de Blob 2 is a game that has been designed to appeal and cater for a younger audience, specifically the under 10 market. This is plainly reflected in the manner in which the game mechanics function because although the game provides the player with a limited number of lives (three lives), there is an infinite number of continues available.

When you combine this with the fact that each and every level features a remarkable number of time increase power ups, this means that the difficulty of the game is significantly diluted to a near negligible level which in turn, reduces the overall impact and enjoyability of the game.


Ultimately designed for younger children, this is one game that will definitely appease them, but may leave older players feel as if there is something sorely lacking in the meat of the game. However, if you are looking for a bit of harmless fun and where the premise of the game does not involve dismembering people, then this is the game for you.

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