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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Preview

Fans of previous games in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare saga will be waiting on tenterhooks for the latest instalment, due to be released to a game store near you in November, 2011. The promised depth of the campaign, set in a range of locations around the world, may be enough to entice you to Modern Warfare 3. If that’s not enough though, you are certainly likely to find plenty to sink your teeth into in the vastly improved Spec Ops mode of this new game.


The campaign in this title literally follows on from where the last game left off, with British SAS forces working closely with the US Delta Force in their mission to take down the Russians. It seems the Russian enemy have made the mistake of invading the teams’ respective countries, so expect to see many familiar locations in your fight for freedom.

A somewhat trashed Lower Manhattan, filled to the brim with broken buildings and burned out cars, makes a nice change to the more foreign settings we’re used to. But combat isn’t just limited to the US, as you’ll also find yourself in London, even fighting your way through to the London Underground. Modern Warfare 3 really does promise to have a lot to explore, and with the usual level of spectacle that the series is keen to show built in, there will be many hours of enjoyment in the campaign mode.


Fortunately even when you have downed weapons in the campaign there is still plenty to enjoy in the form of the Spec Ops mode. The all new Survival mission will allow you and one friend to band together to face wave after wave of enemies, either with a split-screen or online. There is an AI counterpart should you struggle to find anyone to play this new mode with, but it’s with two human players that the game really shines.

The initial foes that you face won’t pose too much of a threat, armed with minimalist weaponry. It won’t be long before the submachine guns and assault rifles come out to play though, not to mention the trained attack dogs that are keen to sink their teeth into your jugular! You yourself will start with a limited arsenal; however you can certainly commandeer weaponry from your enemies to supplement your limited wares. That isn’t the only way to strengthen your position, as you can also spend the money that you will earn from taking out enemy soldiers to purchase additional guns. The more cash you earn and the further through the Survival mode you progress, the better the options open to you. For example, automated turrets and grenades, or even a helicopter to drop some additional friendly troops to the ground to help you gain some ground are all options that will become available.

Although there’s no real goal in this game mode other than the obvious, survival, there is certainly a lot of fun to be had here, particularly with a competent teammate.

A new online members service will also be introduced called Call of Duty Elite. This new service aims to make the social interaction with the game far greater, also known as the Elite Society. You will be able to track all kinds of statistics from both your friends and enemies, meaning your ranks will carry more importance than before. Just like with Facebook and other social networks, you will be able to join groups, make new friends and create your own clans. The service will also challenge members by offering regular challenges and competitions.

Call of Duty Elite will be backwards compatible, offering stats from previous games in the series. You will be able to enjoy the service for free; however, there will be a premium subscription available, which will offer extra features at a cost.


With a campaign set to look particularly promising and some excellent improvements to the Spec Ops mode, incorporated for the first time into the last Modern Warfare game, and the Elite service, makes this new title look set to please existing fans of the series, as well as first-timers. This is definitely a Call of Duty game worth waiting for.

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