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After having released E3 trailer and new screenshots from the upcoming survival-horror Afterfall: InSanity, game developer Nicolas Entertaintemnt Group is happy to deliver a promotional audio pack for the fans. Music on “Afterfall InSanity promo EP” was composed by Marcin Przyby?owicz who is responsible for the soundtrack in the game.

About the game

The World in 2035: In the wake of the Europe-wide nuclear holocaust people have withdrawn to underground bunkers and shelters more than 20 years ago. Meanwhile the deadly danger has faded into a mere bitter memory and the safe retreat has gradually become a kind of prison. The feeling of claustrophobia is taking over and turning into a nightmare. Main character Albert is one of the doctors monitoring the mental stability of the people in hiding. Suffering from several symptoms himself, he has made the arrest syndrome his special field of research. When the people start to see demons, Albert asks himself how this could happen. When trying to solve the mystery he not only has to face the dangers lurking in the dark but also his own personal fears and weaknesses.
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