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XBox – Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal

TITLE Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal
GENRE Adventure
DEVELOPER Virtuacraft Limited
UK PUBLISHER XICat Interactive

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 01 Apr-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal is an amazingly enjoyable adventure game brought to life by a vividly depicted and amazingly produced world. The story revolves around a young girl named Amy, who when estranged from her parents escapes to the magical world of Zanzarah. There she is charged with melding the world of Zanzarah back into the world of reality, and saving it from destruction. Along the way Amy will use magical powers and items to collect and train fairies and demons, who both of which she will use in fast-paced battles to defeat the evil that pervades Zanzarah.

?Zanzarah is poised to be one of this Christmas season?s biggest multi-console hits,? says Brad Flack, US Director of Sales for Xicat Interactive. ?The game has the ability to draw the attention of younger and older gamers alike with its amazing visuals; it?s after that people notice how riveting Zanzarah?s gameplay is. We?re very excited to be bringing this stunning game to it?s rightful home on each of the major consoles.?

  • Breathtaking graphics bring Zanzarah to life; experience lush forests, scorching volcanoes, and icy wastelands in vivid detail
  • Control Amy, a young heroine gifted with the ability to collect and train fairies and demons
  • Use dozens of spells from 12 different elemental powers to destroy the evil plaguing Zanzarah
  • Experience the adventure in 3rd person view, then switch to 1st person to battle it out in mystical arenas
  • Multi-tiered combat system pits your collection of fairies and demons against a horde of other opponents; Use each fairy wisely to exploit weaknesses in your enemy?s defense
  • Role-Playing elements upgrade both Amy and your individual fairies and demons; create stronger warriors with potions and other magical items, and level them up through experience and time
  • Multiplayer combat let?s two collectors duke it out split-screen style. Find out who?s the top collector!

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