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XBox – UFC: Tapout 2

TITLE UFC: Tapout 2
GENRE Fighting
DEVELOPER DreamFactory

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 23 Apr-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

UFC: Tapout 2 takes ?real fighting? to the next round with an all new, realistic look and feel mixing all of the full contact violence and intensity found in the Octagon. The follow-up to UFC: Tapout, OXM?s Editors Choice Award for outstanding fighting game in 2002, UFC: Tapout 2 debuts it?s first major engine overhaul since the franchise began in 2000. UFC Tapout 2 will be the most realistic fighting game to date (in both looks and gameplay) and still the only real fighting game for the Xbox? video game system from Microsoft.

  • The sequel to OXM?s Editor Choice Award, UFC: Tapout, developed exclusively for the Xbox.
  • A brand new, redesigned model and animation system will result in fighter models with more points of articulation and more fluid and life-like movements.
  • Real-time mesh deformation – when players move and flex their muscles, you’ll see their skin move and ripple.
  • Over 35 real UFC fighters, the most Mixed Martial Arts brawlers in any UFC game to date, including UFC stalwarts Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, and B.J. Penn. Several new fighters, such as current UFC Middleweight Champion Murilo Bustamante will also be making their debut in UFC: Tapout 2
  • With improved AI, fighters will behave even closer to their real life counterparts, use more attack combos and grappling, use more counter and reverse moves, and be much more aggressive overall than in the previous version.
  • The fan favorite, Tournament Mode, returns in Tapout 2, where up to eight human and/or computer controlled fighters battle in an open weight free for all.
  • The Career Mode continues to expand, allowing players to create their own fighters from scratch, using a wide variety of body types, clothing, faces and hairstyles. Through training and sparring against computer-controlled opponents, players will develop an ever-increasing repertoire of moves and abilities.
  • An improved interface, enhanced sound, a new music soundtrack with a customizable play list and the ability to play ripped music from the Xbox hard drive.

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