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XBox – Trinity

TITLE Trinity
DEVELOPER Vicarious Visions

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 15 May-2003

SCREENS ADDED: 13 May-2003

Official Fact Sheet:

Trinity? is a groundbreaking first-person action game featuring intense combat and enhanced super-human player abilities. Against the backdrop of a disease plagued New Orleans in the year 2013, gamers assume the role of the Nightstalker, a bio-technically and neurologically enhanced one-man vigilante force on a mission to expose the sinister plan of an evil company called the Silmara Corporation. With the aid of a person known only as the Caretaker, players must overcome obstacles, engage enemies and unravel a mystery of conspiracy and intrigue.

  • Advanced Bio-Tech Abilities – As the Nightstalker, players possess an incredible array of enhanced bio-technical and neurological advancements giving them superhuman strength, special vision powers and the ability to warp time and space – known as Flash. With Flashtime, players can slow down time while engaging enemies or performing incredible maneuvers to avoid taking damage. Using Flashdash, players can move forward at the speed of light, surprising foes or evading gunfire. Other Flash abilities give gamers the power to jump higher and farther, move huge objects and survive life-threatening falls. Special thermal/infrared and night vision modes enable players to scope out enemies and see structural weaknesses and anomalies in their surroundings.
  • An Arsenal Worthy of a One-Man Army – Trinity offers gamers an explosive arsenal of weapons including machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and grenade launchers, as well as futuristic laser rifles and liquid nitrogen cannons. Players will also be able to man gun-turrets, ride gunships, hack into restricted high-tech installations and solve action puzzles as they progress through the game and move closer to taking down the Silmara Corporation.
  • A Gripping Story of Intrigue and Conspiracy – Gamers unravel a twisted plot of conspiracy that unfolds as they progress through Trinity. During their journey, players gain assistance from the Caretaker by communicating through the Caretaker interface – a special neurological communication device implanted in the Nightstalker’s brain. Together, gamers attempt to expose the truth behind the deadly virus that has left the citizens of New Orleans disfigured beyond recognition or dead.
  • First-Person Action Expertise – Trinity is the creation of renowned first-person action powerhouse Gray Matter Interactive Studios, developer of Kingpin and id Software’s Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Building on an enhanced version of id Software’s Quake III Team Arena game engine, Gray Matter and Trinity are taking the FPS experience to a whole new level with breathtaking action, advanced AI, detailed 3D graphics and explosive special effects.

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