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XBox – Splashdown

TITLE Splashdown
GENRE Racing
DEVELOPER Rainbow Studios
UK PUBLISHER Namco Bandai Partners (Atari)
NORDIC PUBLISHER Namco Bandai Partners (Atari)

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 01 Jan-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

Wild water racing! Blast through the waters of Bali, tear it up over the Great Barrier Reef, maneuver through the Venice Canals. Become one of eight rebellious riders as you throttle a Sea-doo over water that looks so real you’ll need a wetsuit! Catch massive air as you jump wakes and launch off of ramps, and then pull off insane stunts like the Metronome and the Cyclone. Battle your way to the finish line through 18 incredibly detailed environments all around the globe.

  • New for Xbox version: 2 new courses that feature bigger waves to catch more air! Also, race around as 2 new characters!
  • Water racing like it’s never been done before! Power 4 authentic Sea-Doo? watercrafts – each with unique handling to put you in the hot seat and give you maximum control.
  • Choose from 8 over-the-top characters from around the world plus one secret character, each with specific attributes ranging from speed and handling to stunts and agility: Andy Pierce, Hailey Hollister, Kyoko Takahashi, Jeremy Wallace, Amman, Ra, Sebastien Kleinemann, Coral Suarez and Jonah Barrett. (Coral Suarez and Jonah Barrett are the new riders.)
  • Blaze across one of 18 different amazingly detailed and exciting race environments spread across the globe: Amazon Jungle, Bali, Bering Strait, Everglades, Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii, Lake Havasu, Lake Quilotoa, Loch Ness, Madrid, Mission Bay, Nice, Nile River, Rhine River, Seoul, Three Rivers, Tokyo, Venice and one hidden course. New for Xbox – New England Lighthouse and Thousand Islands featuring bigger and more turbulent waves!
  • 40 tracks within the 18 environments offer numerous short-cuts and hidden areas for high re-playability!
  • Over 30 wild, acrobatic stunts per rider including an exclusive “signature trick”: Handlebar Handstand, Lazy Boy, Metronome, Cyclone, etc.
  • Boost the performance of your Sea-Doo? watercrafts with the performance meter. Crazy stunts equal more speed so get out there and defy gravity!
  • Race against your opponents in three different events: Career, Arcade and Vs. Mode. Arcade features four events including Circuit, Time Trials, Countdown and Free Ride.
  • Pick up different rider wetsuits around each course for 5 extra wetsuits.
  • 3 difficulty levels, hilarious character dialogue and spectacular wrecks and bails complete this wild racing on the water

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