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XBox – Pulse Racer

TITLE Pulse Racer
GENRE Racing
DEVELOPER Jaleco Entertainment
US PUBLISHER Jaleco Entertainment

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 01 Jan-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

Pulse Racer is set in a dazzling future where players careen towards the clouds in sleek vehicles, using high-tech tools and their own life force, to gain an advantage over the competition. Racers push their skills and bodies to the limit. Linked directly to your vehicle, you must balance between calculated restraint and heedless abandon.

Choose a vehicle that suits your driving style and a driver who matches your technique. Then prepare to hurl yourself down the high-speed gauntlet of an infinite number of tracks, through a breath-taking, pulse-racing world of combat and skill!

  • 9 sleek vehicles, 10 dynamic characters, 15 spine-tingling race tracks to start.
  • The unique INFINITRAX system lets you create even more tracks and customize each one to suit your style – hard and fast for maximum excitement or full of curves to beat your opponents.
  • Select from three modes of play: Career Race, Quick Race and TimeTrial.
    1 to 4 players with split screen support.
  • Lean forward, back, left and right to maximize speed and control.
  • Feel your racer’s heartbeat thumping in each game controller.
  • Harass your opponents with missiles and mines or direct plasmabeams to slingshot around tight turns to gain the advantage.

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