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TITLE NFL Fever 2003

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SCREENS ADDED: 01 Jan-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

“NFL Fever 2003” is the newest edition of the best-selling and award-winning football game franchise for Xbox. Easy to pick up and start playing, “NFL Fever 2003” delivers all the action and excitement of the National Football League, allowing gamers to create, play and control their ultimate NFL team. With the opportunity to earn all the accolades and honors of an NFL superstar, “NFL Fever 2003” challenges hardcore football fans and gamers to be the best in the world. The realism and gameplay of “NFL Fever 2003” provides gamers and football fans with the ultimate NFL experience.

  • Real players. Highly detailed player models reflect the size and physiques of real NFL players and include variable accessories such as gloves, wristbands, face masks, taped fingers, mouthpieces, animated towels and quarterback play sheets.
  • Real moves. Momentum-based motions provide some of the most realistic animation of any football video game to date.
  • Real football. The power and glory of high-impact football are portrayed in
  • vivid detail courtesy of dynamic lighting, real-life reflections and dramatic shadows. “NFL Fever 2003” contains incredibly accurate and photorealistic stadium models for all 32 NFL franchises, including the new Houston Texans.
  • The Real Feel. NFL Fever’s tight, responsive controls, combined with the fast and realistic pace of NFL Football, deliver the ultimate ‘feel’. From the first time a gamer picks up a controller to the time he sets it down after his 25th season, “NFL Fever 2003” gives gamers the control and the feel they want over their players, teams and gameplay.
  • Real sounds. Kevin Colabro and Ron Pitts deliver all of the hard-hitting action with informative play-by-play and commentary. “NFL Fever 2003” brings football fans on the field with new audio advancements, including the ability to hear defensive players call audibles to change plays. If gamers’ home teams are playing well, the fans will let them know.
  • Uniform Editor. “NFL Fever 2003” gives football fans and gamers the opportunity to create their own franchise jerseys – adding a level of depth and customization to this award-winning franchise.
  • Online play. “NFL Fever 2003” makes it easy for gamers to test their skills
  • against other gamers online. With the online component, gamers can play against their friends, family or other “NFL Fever 2003” players any time, anywhere.
  • Dynamic Player Performance Model (DPPM). DPPM offers gamers a
  • stake in the development of both NFL players and teams. The ‘player ratings’ of individual players increase or decrease – based on how well a gamer is able to use utilize those players in a game.
  • Dynasty mode and Classic Team Challenge. Gamers can play multiple seasons and unlock past Super Bowl championship teams that will become on-field opponents in game players’ future schedules.
  • “NFL Fever” Trophy Case. Gamers can rewrite the record books and enter the Hall of Fame with amazing statistics.

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