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XBox – MVP Baseball 2004

TITLE MVP Baseball 2004
US PUBLISHER Electronic Arts

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 16 Dec-2003

Official Fact Sheet:

Step up to the plate and master the true art of hitting with MVP Baseball? 2004. An all-new hitting model allows for complete user control over all swing types as well as signature cuts from the game’s best sluggers. Featuring rich new presentation, realistic player models, enhanced animations, and an immersive audio experience, MVP Baseball 2004 takes you out to the ballgame like never before.

Manage contract negotiations, build your team with expanded trade options, and train your club to be the best in a deep new EA SPORTS? Dynasty Mode?. When you’re ready to take your game online, connect to EA SPORTS Nation for the first time ever for matchup gameplay, tournaments, downloadable content, and more. Baseball is the ultimate game of skill and technique, and the pursuit to becoming the five-tool player begins with mastering the art of hitting in MVP Baseball 2004.

  • Take Your Best Cut: Putting the barrel of a bat on a baseball in flight has been called the hardest task in sports. Now, with an all-new hitting model, its time to turn the tables and put the fastballs, sliders, and curves back into the field of play and generate offense. Once on base, user-controlled slides and control over authentic new base-running techniques helps put pressure on the opponent and helps put runs on the board.
  • Fielding Dreams: Getting outs in the field is the top priority of the game’s most accomplished players. Use EA SPORTS Freestyle Control to master all-new fielding locomotion that allows for diving for well-hit liners, scaling the wall to rob your opponent of home runs, and filling the gaps targeted by top hitters.
  • Cooperstown Collection: No sport has the rich tradition of baseball, and no game takes you back to a sport’s roots like MVP Baseball 2004. Featuring legendary players outfitted in their authentic retro jerseys, greats like Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Ty Cobb take to the field at classic stadiums of yesterday. Unique coloring and texturing heightens the experience.
  • Control the Front Office: With an incredibly deep Dynasty Mode, build the ultimate franchise. Unique player personality models force you to establish effective team chemistry while building your team through your farm clubs, negotiating tough contract demands, and motivating your club with dynamic team goals and rewards that truly tests your skills in the front office.
  • Pick Your Park: With all-new crowd chants, the addition of classic stadiums, and new lighting to signify various start times for your biggest games, MVP Baseball 2004 puts you in the best seat in the house. Take to the field at stadiums new and old any time of day and sit back and enjoy the new bat cracks, glove pops, slides, collisions and umpire calls that make a trip to the ballpark in MVP Baseball 2004 unique and authentic.
  • EA SPORTS Nation*: For the first time ever, play MVP Baseball 2004 against opponents from anywhere in the country (*only available on the PlayStation 2 console). An online lobby area allows gamers to meet, greet, chat, set up tournaments, download roster updates, and play MVP Baseball 2004 head to head.
  • My MVP: Personalize the front end of your game to show your team pride, show off your accomplishments in your own custom trophy room, and build your resume with EA SPORTS? Bio, a memory card-based tracking/rating system that recognizes and rewards gamers for playing multiple EA SPORTS titles.

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