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XBox – A Sound of Thunder

TITLE A Sound of Thunder
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER Computer Artworks

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 26 Feb-2003

SCREENS ADDED: 30 Jan-2003

Official Fact Sheet:

A mysterious group known as the ?Global Entropy? is creating havoc in Chicago. Their plan is simple – return to the prehistoric past and completely destroy the present timeline. It seems to be working?Chicago is now a menagerie of horrifying hybrid creatures and vicious plant life.

As the world?s only hope, you must fight your way across the city to the time portal, go back in time and neutralize the cultists? plan before they change the course of history. If only it was that easy. Time is definitely not on your side.

Players take on the role of Travis Ryer, a time travel safari guide who is tasked with stopping ?Global Entropy? from changing the world as we know it. Travis will need skill and determination ? and an arsenal of weapons ? to succeed on his mission as he travels from the future to the past and into a world you won?t recognize?your own.

  • Inspired by the classic Ray Bradbury story of the same name
  • Time travel gameplay ? player chooses the outcome of the future with time-affected action puzzles. Race back in time to try and intercept the cultists before they change the course of history, find out what they are planning and take action.
  • Throw yourself in to full on combat with grotesquely mutated beasts and heavily armed enemy cultists.
  • Time freeze disruptor weapon allows enemies to be frozen in bubbles of lapsed time. Imagine ?bullet-time? in a bubble. Watch your enemy slow down, recoil, be lifted into the air and flail about?and then take them out.
  • Witness the ?Butterfly Effect.? Certain things you do in the past have an impact on the future ? cause and effect. Blast away the side of a building in the past and it won?t be there when you return to present day.
  • Nine challenging missions featured in mutated modern day environments and prehistoric worlds such as jungles, swamps, canyons and cave systems
  • Travel through four different time periods: Present-day 2038, Cretaceous period, 10 years in the past (2028) and the alternate cultist future
  • Battle with 11different weapons including Machete, Ion Gun, Vulcan Cannon, Sniper Rifle, Oxy-lodine Laser and Machine Guns.
  • From the developers of the recent hit ?The Thing?

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